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Strategies for Talented and Gifted Pupils' Teachers
Start date: Sep 1, 2015, End date: Aug 31, 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

People give more importance to education with every passing year. Teachers play a critical role in reflecting curriculum into classroom environment, training successful and equipped individuals, meeting individuals' differentiating needs. Teachers' attitudes in classrooms and strategies they follow are of great importance in terms of students' development. For this reason teachers should have advanced skills to teach students with special needs and take care of them as well as having skills to teach typically developing children. It is important to specify individuals' different features at early ages and follow early intervention programs in line with these features. The earlier intervention is started the greater is the impact on children's academic progress. It is indicated in the literature that talented and gifted students constitute a group, who has to get special education. The aim of this project is to raise the awareness of teachers who teach talented and gifted children in mixed classrooms and build up innovative strategies for teachers to practice in classrooms and support them to improve their professional profiles. Because early intervention is important target group is chosen as teachers, who teach in early years settings, preschools and primary schools. Within the scope of this project a strategy book, a how-to instruction book, a simulation environment and animations will be developed as intellectual outputs. Teachers will be provided to learn how to practice the strategies, which they have to follow in classrooms through seminars enabling them to access digital environments and implement the strategies with the help of simulation and animations. By means of this project an interaction and a cooperation among partner organizations from different countries will be provided. Teachers from different countries will come together and an intercultural interaction will be materialized as well as improving awareness on the topic. Through this project, in which Gazi University from Turkey takes place as coordinator organization, Europole, LEB and EDUcentrum will conduct a series of scientific studies at local level, a standard scientific example, which may be a source of inspiration for further researches will be set. Project partners are highly experienced organizations in teacher trainings and talented and gifted children's integrative education. They will contribute to project from different aspects. In this way international sustainability of the project is expected to be provided in a long term relationship. At the first stage, a baseline study revealing the state of art related to project topic will be done. A comparative analysis will follow baseline study in order to compare the situation in partner countries. This will lead the project implementations to a need analysis to determine teachers' training needs on the topic. Data collection tools of need analysis will be based on the baseline study and comparative analysis. Data collection tools of need analysis will be applied to teachers, who work in early years settings, preschools and primary schools. GU will prepare journal articles tackling conducted activities from different point of views. An international academic conference will be the following project activity. The results of the baseline study. comparative analysis and need analysis will be presented in this conference, academicians from all over the world will be invited and allowed to present their researches on the topic as well. Later on development and piloting phases of training materials will follow. A draft strategy book will be developed based on the need analysis. In this book strategies for teachers related to classroom and behavior management will be featured. Synchronously a how-to instruction book explaining the usage of simulation environment and animations will be developed. At the stage of preparation of digital environments, which is one of the key points of the project, various animations will be prepared to show teachers how to use the developed strategies. In addition a simulation environment will be prepared. At the piloting stage, trainings will be given to teacher trainers and teachers respectively and they will be trained on how to use the mentioned strategies in classrooms by using training materials. Afterwards dissemination activities will take place. Seminars for teacher trainers and teachers will be given. A valorization conference will be held in order to share the project results with stakeholders after the reporting stage is completed. All the outputs will be published on the project website and so all stakeholders and interested people and organizations will be reached. This project will contribute to; a- Academia in terms of inspiring new researches, b- Teachers in terms of improving professional profiles c- Talented and gifted children in terms of being recognized earlier and being supported with innovative teaching approaches.
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