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Strategie für LLL - nationale Dialogveranstaltungen 2011
Start date: Feb 1, 2011,

Education has a prominent position in the Europe 2020 strategy because an improvement in the level of education is a precondition for lasting economic development and social inclusion in Europe. In addition to the key target of education for Europe 2020, national targets were also defined. The implementation of an LLL strategy is crucial to the achievement of these targets. In Austria in recent years there has been an ongoing dialogue about lifelong learning which has supported a common perception of targets achieved and open questions. The project Nationale Dialogveranstaltungen 2011 [National Dialogue Events 2011] builds on this and creates synergies with the central education policy reform project in Austria. At the centre is the common concern to create a framework which enables everyone to enhance their knowledge, qualifications and skills. The target is to create a network of national stakeholders in the area of LLL, to discuss open areas for action and to make the European dimension of the project visible.Project activities: nine events with colleges of higher education: equality of opportunities and school; four events: expertise and evidence as elements of the national LLL strategy and lifelong guidance; two workshops: the quality and professionalisation of adult education; conference: citizenship – political education – body politic, the contribution of adult education; event for implementation of the LLL strategy in higher education; conference: LLL as seen in the cooperation of educational establishments in the health sector.The project is based on the understanding that lifelong learning is relevant to the whole of society and can only be implemented through access across all areas. The main points of the project are therefore broadly based, as are the target groups and participating stakeholders (decision-makers, practitioners, learners at various levels of the education system and civil society).

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  • Education and training\Life long learning (2007-2013)\POLICY CO-OPERATION AND INNOVATION IN LIFELONG LEARNING (KEY ACTIVITY 1)\Awareness of lifelong learning policies and EU cooperation in education and training
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