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Strategie Formative per l'Implementazione e Disseminazione di ET2020
Start date: 01 Mar 2012,

Lifelong learning is a central topic in European and national policies as well as in corporate strategies for the development of human resources; it concerns all learning contexts - formal, informal and non formal - and education levels. The importance of lifelong learning is highlighted in several recent European documents. From the initiative - Youth on the Move – the Applicant Organisation has selected the two needs on which the project proposal will be developed a) the number of early leavers from education and training should be less than 10% b) the share of 30-34 year olds with tertiary educational attainment should be at least 40%; this percentage can be achieved through an increased quality and relevance of the learning and the promotion of mobility experiences (education context and world of work).The target groups directly involved in the project are 1) Directors and employees of USRs 2) teachers, principals and students 3) decision-makers in the universities 4) the Ministry of Education. The stakeholders who will indirectly benefit from the project results are the policy makers, the operators in VET, the students' families. Targeted actions will be implemented in order to engage each target group. In the medium and long term it will be very important to involve a larger number of direct and indirect users. Two different types of actions will be carried out: 1) make available the project results to all Italian schools and USRs 2) involve indirect users in order to encourage them finding solutions to the problems highlighted.The main products will be: a) online files about ET2020, early leavers and the procedures for the recognition of the non formal and informal competences b) tools to gather the information: online questionnaire addressed to operators, grid with open questions on how to manage the focus groups, blog/forum c) a model on the basic knowledge d) a conference on higher education and the relating documentation.
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  • Education and training\Life long learning (2007-2013)\POLICY CO-OPERATION AND INNOVATION IN LIFELONG LEARNING (KEY ACTIVITY 1)\Awareness of lifelong learning policies and EU cooperation in education and training
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