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Strategic Partnership for Creativity and Entrepreneurship
Start date: 01 Sep 2014, End date: 31 Aug 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Project SP4CE addresses directly aims and needs identified in Bruges Communiqué on enhanced European cooperation in vocational education and training, especially "improving the quality and efficiency of vet and enhancing its attractiveness and relevance" and "Enhancing creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship". Experiences and approach from two LLP projects OpenInn which serves as a new Pedagogical and Organizational Model for communities and individuals to explore their innovative potentials by the use of ICT-tools proceeding the strengthening of their self-esteem and HIG dealing with entrepreneurship support and creativity enhancement: Knowledge generating House and e-Assessment mode. Project consortium consists of six partners from four EU countries. Project coordinator PIAP (Poland) is a research institute with established strong cooperation with industry and educational institutions. PRO-MED (Poland) is a private company has experience from developing an innovative approach to teaching and learning based on e-learning and blended leaning methodology. TUKE (Slovakia) is a technical university fostering links with institutions in private and public sectors while ASTRA (Slovakia) is a training company which has significant experience in conducting trainings for managers. TREBAG (Hungary) has rich experience in development of innovative training materials and methodologies including e-learning and implementation of technology and IDEC (Greece) has consulting experience in developing quality management systems. Project aims to establish strong cooperation between project partners by exchanging of innovative educational practices for design and elaboration of innovative common tools for collaboration between students, enterprises and schools (teachers). Those tools will be available as ICT solution with WWW interface designed for use for three main target groups: • Coaches (enterprises, industry) • Mentors (vocational school, university, high school) • Students (vocational school, university, high school) Project activities will concentrate on developing relations between students and enterprises for identification of student and enterprises needs and supporting their collaboration through mentoring and consulting activities. Developed portal will be for companies to help them find suitable young workers and students wanting to enter the labor market and will be based on a coaching and mentoring principles. The principle of the portal will be as follows: company willing to find new young workers (preferably students entering the labor market) submits a case (e.g. problem to be solved) from their area to the portal. This case is presented to the students from the different places who if interested will try to find solution for that problem. Based on this the company will select the students and they will give them coaches while mentors from the university or high school will supervise the process and guide students. Coach from the company will support and work with the chosen student who wants to solve the problem. That procedure will be a sort of preparation for the student for his working life and may possibly result in the employment in this company in the future. To achieve that there is a need to train mentors and coaches so that training materials (handbook/guidelines/toolbox) will be prepared in order to show the companies that this approach can help them to find young people better suited for their needs. Training materials for enterprises will introduce the scheme of the coaching and mentoring to the company. Main project impact will be connected with influence to potential portal users: students, enterprises staff and teachers. Student will have an opportunity to learn about real enterprises activities and interact with coaches from enterprises which shall allow them to easier enter the labor market. Teachers will receive information about student qualification progress and actual enterprises needs, it is important for further training activities and developing training programs. Enterprises will receive required knowledge and possibility to recruit students with needed skills and competences. Project will also have an impact to partners and training activities, approach to training content creation and utilization of ECVET opportunities in different use cases. Knowledge sharing as a part of partnership activities will allow to change partner strategy in a wider field of education. SP4CE portal will be available in all partner languages and in English. Partners will launch and maintain their own instances, there will be also possible connection between the portals to ensure international availability of the results and to support possible mobility of young workers. Project parents and their work profiles and experiences guarantees high sustainability of project results after the project finish. Project main results will be available on European Commission open educational resources server.
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