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Strana EVS Idea
Start date: May 18, 2015, End date: Nov 17, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Stranaidea was founded in 1986 and has been working mainly in Turin and surrounding municipalities in the social and educational field proposing succesful projects in different areas. It is a solid organisation with 122 social workers and started working with European Programmes in 2000, with EVS in 2007. The main purpose of this project is to host a group of 6 volunteers available to spend 12 months in Stranaidea in its complex, to support and collaborate actively and with enthusiasm with us to carry out the various activitie we propose in our different areas and services. We expect to host volunteers who are open-minded, not afraid to experiment themselves in more than one place and activity if needed and who would improve or discover their abilities in our social sector to live a reciprocal intercultural enrichment and added value. Specific skills are not requested. The areas the volunteers can carry out the project are: 1. YOUTH POLICIES – Social and Community Theatre: The project proposal is to host 1 volunteer full time in this field who will be involved actively in the initiatives and projects carried out by the staff trying to support it with his/her ideas, skills and enthusiasm. The volunteer will co-participate with the staff in the management of the events and will be asked to propose and carry out one or more projects starting from his/her interests and competences according to our aims and possibilities. Venue of this area is Torino and Municipalities around Turin). 2.INFANT AREA: The project proposal is to host 1 volunteer full time. In this area we have different centres that work with children from 0 to 6 years old. The services that can host the volunteer The volunteer will be envolved in the planning and carry out of the activities and will be trained in order to learn or develop their practical and theoretical skills on the children psicological and educational knowledge. The activities we propose to the children depend on their different ages and needs. Such activities and the learning opportunities for children are relative to the physical expression, socialization and creativity spheres (workshops may be on music-rythm, singing, reading-telling stories, theatre, English, junglerie, etc.) and let the volunteers to observe and learn also the children’s characteristics and their progressive learning of abilities. They will experiment and development of their competences, will be offered an active participation in the activities, will have the opportunity to carry out their own personal projects and workshops according to the service aims and possibilities. The venues of the services are the city of Torino , San Carlo Canavese and Cirié (Torino). 3. DISABILITY AREA: The projects proposal is to include 4 volunteers in different educational services helping us to offer more opportunities of amusement and well - being to the persons we support. The general objectives of the project are: the knowledge of the social cooperation and health care sectors, the sharing of relational and educational experience, integration with the target group and the staff; theorical and practical training to know their capacities, the others and the environment; experiment and development of their competences; offer an active participation in the activities for disable people also giving them the opportunity to carry out their own personal projects and workshops according to the service aims and possibilities, to facilitate the development ot their social abilities and autonomies in a prospective of social inclusion. The venue of the services is the city of Torino. The v. Will be involved in activities in an active and participative way, they will have the possibility to experiment themselves, know and learn through concrete doing, propose personal projects and develop their skills and competences. From the project we expect a personal, motivated and stimulating involvement, a reciprocal enrichment for the benefit of our users, on which the project has a great impact, for the benefit of the local territory, to improve our own professional experience to improve our way to host v., the possibility to establish or reinforcing partnerships useful also for other Erasmus Plus Actions. The main impact of the project is on the v. hosted and their personal, cultural and eventual professional enrichement and on the users of Stranaidea the v. know and support with their actions, cultural approach and enthusiasm. The potential longer term benefits are the personal development for volunteers useful for their life experience, the improvement of the areas we want to accreditate to continue hosting volunteers proposing new experiences, to try to increment to number of hosted volunteers and consequently improving the number of users of the project who will be informed on EVS and Erasmus Plus multiplying its impact on the local territory.
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