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Storytelling for Social and Health Care Workers Professional Identity Development

The StorySHOP project has been implemented by 6 partners organisations each of which contributed to the project objectives with their specific knowledge, experience and expertise:Seed association is an expert in technologies, communication and education: The association was actually born from the belief that an adequate use of ICT and e-learning technologies can make a difference in education and training initiatives. This partner developed the training methodology Digital Storytelling for Development, on which the project is bases, and therefore it has been involved in all steps of the transfer of innovation of the methodology. Seed was also responsible for the web site.The staff of Well At Work & Associates are work psychologists involved in the promotion of workplace wellbeing and this partner was responsible for the description and analysis of existing training and educational opportunities available to healthcare workers in the partner countries, especially those addressing the difficulty of this particular group of professional in facing their job’s emotional demand and their need for a support in finding a balanced relationship with citizens, in order to improve both their own well being and the quality of delivered healthcare services.The three partners: SUPSI/DSAN; Norton Radstock College/Bath College and Aarhus Social- and Health College are educational institutions in charge of the training of healthcare staff in CH, UK and DK respectively. They are experts in this field and were therefore deeply involved in the transfer of the DSD concept to the healthcare students´ and professionals' learning needs;. The research stage identified key concepts and elements on which the production of StorySHOP training methodology and didactical materials were grounded. Based on the results of the above mentioned research phase, a training Handbook was developed, aiming at guiding healthcare professionals and students through the digital storytelling process.Taking healthcare students’ and professionals’ learning approach, learning needs, already existing competencies and resources into consideration, a set of pedagogical materials was developed in order to complement and support the above mentioned training Handbook.All the developed materials was piloted in Switzerland, in order to identify possible lacks or ways to improve them. The Italian and Swiss partners were involved in the piloting.All training materials were made available on the project’s web-based platform in the following languages: Danish, English and Italian. The trained trainers tested the methodology and the materials in their countries.The material - including the Handbook - was adusted and the final version made public. Dissemination at national level and at European level took place during the whole period.
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