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Story or life
Start date: May 9, 2015, End date: Oct 8, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project "Story of life" was the youth exchange project, which was ealized in the EU programme "Erasmus +" framework. The project duration was 5 months, whereas project activities 11 days (including travel days), from 17 till 27 July, 2015. The main idea (result) was to create a musically and theatrically enjoyable performance that enable young people to creativity, to get to know and appreciate their own country, as well as world cultural heritage. Make young people realize how much the different ways we can be united in diversity and what we gain from it. 37 musical, theatrical and motivated participants from Latvian, France, Italy, Lithuania, Poland, Bulgaria and England in ten days made fabulous performances, which showed long-forgotten values and natural phenomena, given the play manifested itself through the emotions and characteristics. It is true that spiritual values contribute to consciously or unconsciously influence people's feelings and the mind, which in turn affects his behavior. And so the movements, the body language was lived a young man's story when the peaceful nowhere, where there is peace, without any weather and time constraints, he travels the world exploratory expanding, adventure and experiencing everyday reality with a different rhythm of life, perhaps haste, continuous movement, but the resolution and the EU finds its place in everyday life. It tells the basic idea was the relationship with the fairy tale "Alice in Wonderland". Each situation was taken based on a natural phenomenon - lightning, thunder, rain and searched the association body in plastic and music. Performances were specially selected music - composer RaimondsTiguls which the scene wrote the music for this event. The performance took place outdoors, the manor park - an open area and we had to adapt to the environment and circumstances. During the Project participants took participation in modern dance classes, dance classes, movement therapy - plastic surgery, body language, street theater sessions, improvisation theater classes, video-media lessons, etc., visual image and uniting the team activities. They learned how to speak in front of an audience, trying to cope with stress and indulge in a variety of challenges. These young people improvised and even penned a common song, which includes all of the state language, which was represented in the Project on ?Talant parade?. Acquired skills will be useful for young people looking for work, communicating with other young people and adults, will help to better formulate your thoughts and speak in extended sentences with a variety of representative examples. No longer delight in the national and world cultural heritage, expanding their horizons and motivate participation in other projects, activities in the organization. The benefit of the project received by each participant, as sure in their abilities. Organizations as well as rich experience working with groups of young people and new partners in future projects. At the international level, this project is reflected in the video format and inserted into the website Also, the video is carried forward the "Erasmus+" programme options and values of the European Union.
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