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Stories Enhancing Skills - Transfer of The Knowledgeing Work-Shop Model

This project is carried out to contribute in the process of creating, modernizing and adjusting the European education and training system for social workers. It addresses the problem of both being depended on standardized problem solving, to secure best practice, and the need to adjust the methods according to regional, economical and cultural surroundings. It conveys best practice as well as providing room for stated variation. Best practice is necessary in order to reach the qualitative standard of giving adequate and effective help for clients. Methods used in social works need to include room for stated variation because the cases in social work are unpredictable, contain dilemmas, and has ethical aspects without unilateral solutions. The transfer project is based on a pilot project in The Leonardo program where “The Knowledgeing Work-Shop” model developed in a Norwegian PhD thesis has been tested with good results. Five pilot groups of social workers in the Nordic Countries, Estonia and Spain participated in the educational program for further education. In the transfer project we are working with further developing and transfer of the model: 1) Anchoring of the model in educational programs at Universities and Colleges and 2) Secure the quality through guidance material and educational literature.The consortium from the pilot project continues, but is supplemented in preparation for transfer and dissemination. The mixture of partners with education-and research functions and partners from administrations, fields of practice and employees organizations is well suited for accomplishing the tasks. 11 partners and 5 countries from three regions of Europe are represented; Spain, Estonia, Sweden, Denmark and Norway. The partners will work both on a national and a trans-national level. Cooperation throughout the production process is aiming to transform the Nordic material into a wider European perspective.

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