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#Stop@ddiction! - #Add@ction
Start date: May 4, 2015, End date: Dec 3, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

In this technological era, individuals who think they socialize via social web actually becomes slaves of social media and day by day this issue is evolving to addiction stage. This concept that we may called Social Media Addiction causes loneliness and diverging from society for individuals. It is fact that especially in the western societies, from youth to old almost everybody can connect to internet and social web sites easily. The ones who need to overcome this problem are the youth who are in center of this problem. In this project we are going to work on causes of Social Media Addiction and methods of getting free of this addiction. By preventing lacking of communication caused by Social media that leads to isolation of individuals from society, we aim to raise awareness among the participants via the activities we will held. Project Participants: There will be 40 young participants at total in this project: 6 people from each partner country (Azerbaijan, Georgia, Italy, Malta and Romania ) and 10 participants from the hosting partner Aksaray Youth Center Project Team. Participant age range is going to be between 18 and 25. Participants will be the ones who are able to communicate in English intermediate level and willing to work on Social Media Addiction. And they will be asked to implement the gender equality while they are determining the participants for this Project. Description of the Activities: During the project which planned to last 5 days (excluding travel days) participants will not only work on Social Media Addiction but also experience the rehabilitation process of addiction. On the other hand, they will find opportunity of self-improvement in every aspects. We are planning to apply ice breakers and energizers to fasten process of participants getting know each other.Moreover, activities which are about causes of Social Media Addiction and its results, will be applied. We are going to scope on habits and fair usage ways of Social media. By socializing with local citizens, we will apply activities to heal damaged communicative skills. There will be some visits to Local Governmental Directorates and other concerned institutions and they will be informed about the Project. As output of the project, leaflets that are about Social Media Addiction issue, will be prepared and this guide will be shared with the all organizations or institutions concerned about the problem. Methodology In the project, we will apply Non-formal education methods. So that activities will be participant-centered. All the participants will be requested to participate actively in all activities. To supply collaboration among the participants and groups, everyday there will be leaders meeting. In every part of the project, participants will know that they have their own right to comment and criticize freely to share their ideas. All the health and security measures will be taken with the consultation of local authorities. Results Participants will be informed about Social Media Addiction and its fair use at the end of the project. Participants individually improve themselves in the aspects of language, cultural and social skills. Self- confidence of our participants, who will attend an EU project, will raise. So that they will have a big motivation for future activities. Besides they will feel and experience more about European Awareness and Active Citizenship. To obtain continuity of the project, it is going to be asked the collaborators to share outputs of the project and apply the activities in their region.

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