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Stop Violence 2.0
Start date: Aug 1, 2015, End date: Nov 30, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Within the frame of the European Programme Erasmus + (KA1), Stop Violence 2.0 is the continuation of a dynamic initiative for youth mobilization and promotion of social values, begun last year in a youth exchange in Poland with the theme of Stop Racism. In this project, together with our Polish partners and other new participants from Italy and Lithuania, we have gathered 36 European youngsters, who have lived together for a week in Málaga, developing activities with the topic of gender equality and fight against all kind of gender violence. Through non-formal education methodology and Participatory Action Research, we had the challenge of increasing the awareness of young people about the transversal problem that is inequality and gender violence, because it affects us all, women and men in different fields of our lives, from the educational level, within our family, in our social relationships and ultimately in our personal development. This is manifested through subtle forms so we are not able to detect when we are in a situation of inequality or discrimination, as for example, through sexist advertising that surrounds us, through culture as movies, books, children's stories or through the social pressure. In order to do so, we have developed different activities that started from the defining basis (through dynamic workshops, debates, games etc.) and then we we have promoted an approach to the reality in order to check what is the gender sensibility around us (through social experiments, interviews etc.). Then on, we have had an approach to different fields of inequality such as gender roles and stereotypes, sexist advertising and sexist culture, discriminatory sexuality and cyber harassment. Every workshop had the same scheme of conceptual opening and look at the reality, continued by the “re-definition” of this reality with the aim of supporting the change in a creative way, as for example through dynamics as exchange of roles and breaking stereotypes, re-design advertisement and literature for children and adults in a no-sexist way and the empowerment with the information and tools in order to detect gender violence and protect ourselves (in the personal and virtual relationships) with the goal of fighting against the subtle forms of control violence. The results that we wanted to achieve and that we mostly achieved are the promotion of gender sensibility among young people and the diffusion of tools in order to fight against all kind of gender violence that we suffer diary. We also promoted the real awareness and the change spirit in order to fight against the inequality between women and men. Some of our sucess have been that we have proposed an alternative against the sexist paradigm around us, we have broke myths as the one of the romantic love and the normalization of control in the couple that hide inequality and gender violence. We have boost a strong youth that will be able to face inequality situations, an active youth that will speak out in order to share this message of change. The impact that we wanted to achieve is not limited to our group, but it have made an impact also in the different regions. Due to this, the diffusion and exploitation of results were essential to us, because we have involved the local population in the project activities and we have invited them to the final exposition of results, promoting gender sensibility among the population and the diffusion of an active youth that work in order to change the sexist paradigm imposed. Moreover, we have raised awareness about the Erasmus + Programme and their possibilities among the local population, not only during the Project, but also after it, with activities like visiting schools and youth gatherings, diffusion through social networks and through the collaboration with entities and local authorities, making room for new projects, arising from youth people, as well as Stop Violence, fully meeting their needs.

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