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Stop the Fire!
Start date: Mar 1, 2012,

40 youngsters from Macedonia, Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Romania, Italy and Spain will gather in Mavrovo, Macedonia FYR to learn more about fire and flames, how they effect the environment, how to fight them and stop them. Fires and flames we see a lot in the summer period, especially in areas with forests, some caused by man, some by accident but most of them leaving a devastating consequences on environment, ecosystem, wildlife, biodiversity if not stopped and controlled on time. Many fires are started by people and their lack of knowledge and negligence. Fire effects vegetation, soil, water, air, human health and welfare, wildlife, climate in the area caught by fire. In many cases people do not have the knowledge to react and stop a fire, nor to control it or help someone if hurt by fire in nature. The Youth Exchange "Stop the Fire!" will enrich the knowledge of the participants on this topic as well as will provide them practical experience in first aid help in case of a fire in nature. For 9 days through non-formal methods, educational workshops, our door activities, hiking, first aid workshops youngsters will learn the effects that fire has on environment, will learn how negligence can start a fire, what to do in order to prevent a fire starting, how to act and what to do in case of a fire in nature and will learn more on how to help people in need in case of a fire in nature. Participants will take part in creative workshops for photography and frames making workshop that will result in a final photo exhibition organized in local community on the last day of the exchange. The exhibition will raise awareness to local people on topics connected to environment and fires in nature. Participants will also create a public awareness raising promotional materials in form of leaflet, educative booklet, short and fun DVD spot as final results of this exchange. Follow up workshops will be implemented in each country involved in the project.

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