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Stop Discrimination and Start Unification
Start date: 01 Sep 2014, End date: 31 Aug 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

With this project we would like to raise the awareness of discrimination of any type especially of young European citizens like our students and do something against discrimination in various areas and levels (individually, institutionally) on the regional, the national and also in European level.To reach this aim, the students will make researches, document it and plan actions against racism in their region and schools, realize voluntary services for disadvantaged groups such as immigrant offices, orphanages,elderly and children houses etc. On project meetings they will compare their results and actions if there are similarities or differences in the different countries. First the students will research about discrimination and social status (Low income, disability/old age and discrimination, foreigners/minorities and sexual orientation), discrimination and gender. Then they will research (interviews, videos,texts etc. ) about the reasons for discrimination as well as discrimination in literature. The products of the research work will be films, audio files and typed interviews as well as presentations and multilingual books (own stories of discrimination (creative writing)) and a "calendar against discrimination" with using paintings that students will create.They will develop ideas what can be done against any type of discrimination. On the project meetings we will organise various workshops to rise the awareness for discrimination and understand how is it to be discriminated. We will also encourage our students and/or make it obligatory to work as a volunteer with discriminated people. During the whole project our students will exchange their experiences within the project on an internet blog (eTwinning). At every school students have to organise themselves a "big" project against racism. By planning and organizing the research work, the activities and the workshops mainly of the students they will rise their self organizing competencies especially in such an important field. By reflecting also all activities by the students by writing in an internet blog, reports about project meetings and also discussions as well as questionnaires they also rise their reflection competencies. By working with IT technology by producing films, audio files and PowerPoint (for example) presentations, using the eTwinning platform and a blog the students will enhance their IT competencies like how to work with these tools, how to use it effectively especially for working together despite long distances between the different schools and also which new ways and methods for working together are possible. Through this project, students will learn about existing discrimination in various areas, the effects on the discriminated people, the reasons for it and what to do on different levels to reduce discrimination. about stereotypes, prejudices,discrimination in literature. They will learn that there are lot of similarities in the different European countries regarding discrimination in general and national stereotypes especially but also some differences. They will recognize the importance of speaking English very good and improve their knowledge of English.They will be able to communicate, document and present in a foreign language.They will improve their competencies in working in teams on their own on projects, As for the staff, they foster interdisciplinary cooperation,collect experiences in the field of discrimination in different countries as well as teaching and learning by using the eTwinning platform and deal with new media by assisting the students making presentations and films, get to know different teaching and learning methods and use it, and how to deal with people with different cultural backgrounds in general. The results will be published on DVDs, exhibitions, local newspapers, the project website, on the eTwinning platform, in a blog and the schools websites. There will be 2 transnational meetings one in the beginning of the project and one in the end. There will be project meetings with students and teachers where the students present their work and work together in mixed groups.
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