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Stone masonry in vocational horticultural training for the urban environment, emphasising considerations for special student groups

The project combines training in stone masonry and horticulture, which are normally not offered together as part of a training package, to offer a new VET 'package'. To this end the project will enhance students' skills by offering two disciplines that are typically taught separately. The project targets students normally undertaking courses in horticulture/stone masonry, in addition to students with special learning needs. The training package will not create new courses but will blend existing ones. Testing of potential training modules, focusing on students with special learning needs, will be undertaken in five educational establishments across the partner countries. Towards the end of the project the results of training tests will be incorporated into a handbook for trainers. The handbook will be the main project output and will include a glossary of appropriate terminology in the different partner languages. 'Flashcards', in different languages, will also be developed and produced in the course of the project for students to refer to. These cards will provide users with details on certain stone and plant types and methods of working with them that are particular to each country. Each partner country will also develop and maintain an ornamental public rockery as a practical example of students' acquired skills in stone masonry and horticulture. The project will result in the production of a series of reports that mainly serve the project partners with regard to project piloting and evaluation. Dissemination of project results is largely through the project's end products (flashcards/rockery), in combination with publications in relevant journals.
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