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Start date: Jun 1, 2016, End date: May 31, 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

In a fast developing society, the traditional 'chalk and talk' approach seems to be out-of-date and not as effective as hoped. We notice pupils' lack of motivation, avoiding responsibility, passivity during classes and at home and consequently poorer results. Pupils and teachers want new, innovative approaches in teaching, which are more attractive and more effective. Therefore, we need to improve and upgrade staff competences. The main idea of this project is to improve the quality of teaching and to promote the importance of international cooperation. The main aims are: to acquire new knowledge and competences which will enable designing modern and internationally oriented strategies of innovative teaching and learning, to develop foreign language skills, to encourage digital literacy, to enable personal and professional growth, to experience international challenge, expand horizons and in order with the European dimension establish links with other European teachers and schools, to exchange examples of good teaching and to find partners for future international projects.We have chosen 5 participants: 2 school counselors, 2 primary school teachers and an English teacher. They are all experts in their fields and they constantly strive for developing teaching skills and competences and acquiring new teaching approaches, which would enable more quality and effective learning. They want to meet different cultures, explore and permanently develop. Each participant has been actively involved in different international projects.Participant will attend two language courses and three structured courses in three countries. Selected courses support and promote the use of innovative teaching approaches. Participants will learn modern method of using ICT in teaching and acquire competences and methods of outdoor teaching. Both methods promote creativity and active participation of pupils and therefore increase motivation and consequently effectiveness. Teachers will also be given an opportunity to meet teachers from other countries, attend study visits, exchange examples of best practices and implement them into their teaching practice, learn about European school systems, exchange experiences with foreign teacher and find partners for future partnerships. We strongly believe that impact of this course will be much greater than if attended in home country.By attending structured and language courses, our participant will acquire new knowledge of the use of tables in teaching and learn how this practice works in other European countries, they will be prepared to implement innovative methods of teaching, they will develop skills every teacher should have (scientific knowledge of their subject matter, pedagogic, interpersonal, language skills etc), learn how to effectively integrate new approaches into our curriculum, connect our school to other European schools, develop foreign language skills, communicative skills and they will promote international cooperation and transfer gained knowledge and experience among the rest of the staff.We believe and anticipate positive impact of this project on participants, members of our staff, our school, pupils and community. The chosen courses offer opportunities to improve and upgrade knowledge and competences of participants and their colleagues and possibly changed in perspectives. School will gain more qualified, motivated and satisfied personnel. Acquired knowledge, promotion of new approaches and internationalization will enable the school to develop into a modern and internationally oriented school, which will seek opportunities for international partnerships.Participants will share the impacts of the mobilities with teachers from other schools on different seminars, conferences and meetings.
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