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Stimulating Enterprising Environments for Development and Sustainability (SEEDS)
Start date: Dec 31, 2011, End date: Jun 29, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Derelict buildings and empty spaces threaten economic competitiveness, territorial cohesion and performance. SEEDS addresses the urgent need for revised policies and robust EU steer by promoting innovative land-use strategies and modern governance. It develops skills and opportunities for those furthest from labour markets, transforming growth prospects. It tackles changing land-use patterns demanded by recent economic challenges and delivers evidence-based spatial planning tools and instruments. Achievements: SEEDS exerted a far-reaching and durable legacy by delivering improved and coordinated planning policy. It delivered shared strategies covering key substantive issues in land-use, as well as addressing cross-cutting concerns, ensuring and proving transferability of its solutions.SEEDS delivered a pan-North Sea Region Spatial Planning Forum. It proposed new coordinated spatial planning policies, delivered via rigorous testing of innovative interventions that were adapted, adopted and transferred between partners, proving their generic applicability.This underpinned an important SEEDS result, a new Charter for Reuse & Regeneration, with a strong mandate from stakeholders to effect coordination across Member States. Another important result involved skills development opportunities for citizens, provided through transnationally designed workshops and training. This provided citizens with the tools to use vacant land, reducing their own worklessness and dependency, and delivering the economic impulse needed in deprived areas. DocumentsPhoto History of A11 Pilot BE 2015Newsletter FourNewsletter ThreeNewsletter TwoNewsletter OneProcess PublicationLiving/Dwelling PublicationTom Paints the Fence PublicationSEEDS Final Conference ReportWP6 Transnational Working Groups ReportWP3 Temporary Use Practice ReportWP3 Temporary Use Case Studies ReportWP3 SWOT Analysis ReportWP6 People and Partnerships ReportWP5 Book of Pilots ReportWP3 Conceptual Framework ReportWP6 Addressing Citizens Skills Gaps ReportSEEDS CharterSEEDS Final ReportPilots Key Learning Points Dec 2014SKINN SEEDS Collaborator Jun 2014Meanwhile Space Collaborator Jun 2014CADS SEEDS Collaborator Jun 2014UK Pilots Feb 2013UdN DE Pilot Feb 2013Noordenveld NL Pilot Feb 2013Linnestaden SE Pilot Feb 2013Leek NL Pilot Feb 2013Groningen NL Pilot Feb 2013Gamlestaden SE Pilot Feb 2013Empty Shops DE Pilot Feb 2013Dudzeelse Polder BE Pilot Feb 2013Cultural Warehouse DE Pilot Feb 2013Assen NL Pilot Feb 2013A11 BE Pilot Feb 2013Sheffield Showcase UK Pilot June 2013Rotherham Renaissance UK Pilot June 2013Porter Brook UK Pilot June 2013Living with Nature UK Pilot June 2013Noordenveld NL Pilot June 2013Leek NL Pilot June 2013Groningen NL Pilot June 2013Assen NL Pilot June 2013UdN DE Pilot June 2013Empty Shops DE Pilot MkII June 2013Empty Shops DE Pilot MkI June 2013Cultural Warehouse DE Pilot June 2013River City SE June 2013Linnestaden SE Pilot June 2013Gamlestaden SE Pilot June 2013Boiler Building DK Pilot June 2013Valby DK Pilot June 2013St Kjeld DK Pilot June 2013Smedetoften DK Pilot June 2013Dudzeelse BE Pilot June 2013A11 BE Pilot June 2013Showcase/Porter Brook UK Pilots Sept 2012Rotherham Renaissance UK Pilot Sept 2012Dutch Pilots Sept 2012Belgium Pilots Sept 2012Hamburg Pilots Sept 2012Living with Nature UK Pilot Sept 2012Gothenburg Pilots Sept 2012Thinkspace Presentation SEEDS Launch ConferenceGivrum Presentation SEEDS Launch ConferenceSEEDS Presentation 2 Launch ConferenceSEEDS Presentation Launch ConferenceRe-Use of Vacant Industrial BuildingsFor more information please visit:
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  • 2007 - 2013 North Sea Region
  • Project on KEEP Platform
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