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Stimulate European Entrepreneurial Attitudes Game

Entrepreneurial attitudes are a major driving force for economic and social progress. Notonly at the top of businesses, but also among employees and in social and personalcontexts. Different entrepreneurial attitudes are crucial for adapting to the developmentof society and to the changing requirements of the (labour) market. Entrepreneurship asa general attitude is therefore acknowledged as a key competence.Fostering entrepreneurial attitudes has thus also to be a main learning target of thelifelong learning processes. To educate towards "attitudes" demands however, aspecific didactic approach. Especially in regard to entrepreneurial attitudes with theirspecific motivational dimension the learner has to be addressed as a performer,someone who goes into action. The obvious approach to this is to simulate respectiveaction. So SEE A Game wants to create a game-like learning environment in whichentrepreneurial processes are simulated and the development of entrepreneurialattitudes and competences can be monitored and stimulated.The main characteristics of entrepreneurship are the recognition and utilization ofcontextual opportunities. The game is foreseen to depict different ideal-typical Europeancontexts and their specificities for entrepreneurial action. In addition to socio-economiccorrelations these contexts also include concepts, practices and culture-specific(e)valuations about entrepreneurship, because respective motivational forces arerelated to these cultural backgrounds.As a first step SEE A Game will identify key entrepreneurial competences in general,and also in relation to different European environments. This will function as a basis forthe development of a game-concept designed to train these competences. Thisentrepreneurial game will be completed by a didactic manual (e.g. scaling to targetgroups, creative intervention of instructors, to organise feedback/reflection) and aGrundtvig-3 training course for teachers.The target groups / beneficiaries are people with entrepreneurial aspirations and in needof improving entrepreneurial attitudes in order to integrate better and faster into (labour)markets, society and European organizational contexts. To put the focus for all thesegroups on the motivational level of self-confidence and self-efficacy instead of oncontent-oriented approaches (how to register an enterprise …) is the major innovation ofSEE A Game. SEE A Game will also promote this approach amongst teachers,instructors, counsellors, etc.The direct target groups on which the developed game and accompanying courses andmanuals will focus therefore are teachers and trainers in adult education institutions.The final beneficiaries will be the learners as well as indirectly other groups andcommunities.
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