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Stereotypes among women and men in different countries
Start date: Aug 1, 2014, End date: Feb 1, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The aim of the topic of the project is to encourage young people to contemplate on stereotypes, to review them and to make conclusions on how stereotypes can influence our lives. Moreover, the project aims to inspire an intellectual thinking of young people on how stereotyping can be avoided in our lives. These young people will bring good lessons learned during the project into the countries and contribute to more tolerant and democratic society. The main objectives are these: 1) to explore and name the existing gender stereotypes among youth in the different countries and make an analysis of them; 2) to discuss the most common stereotypes and the ways how they could be changed; 3) to name the rarest stereotypes and see their impact in our lives; 4) to present the good practices on how the stereotypes might be combated; 5) to share views, values and expectations of one gender towards the other gender; 6) to learn accepting the other gender's views; 7) to exercise more meaningful ways of coexistence of boys and girls/ men and women. The project involves participation of 5 countries with 30 participants in total. Each country is represented by 5 participants and one team leader. The project partners come from different countries, which are geographically quite distanced from each other. It is assumed that the cultural and religious differences of the countries will better help to develop the topic of the project and to reveal the aims of the project. The project consists of the informal activities. These activities will be performed in mixed groups. In order to better reveal the topic of the project and to involve the participants of different ages into the activities the participants will exchange among themselves during mentioned activities. After the activities the reflection on them will take place, which help the youth to better understand what they have learned. These informal activities will foster the holistic approach of the youth to abandon the existing stereotypes between man and woman, they will broaden intellectual sophistication, tolerance towards different nations and practice English skills. The project applies the so called learning from others methodology. This methodology does not allow to grow the ego of the youth, encourages to accept different views, learn from each other and develop the holistic approach. The basis for this methodology was the topic of the project, which shall broaden the steady norms and escape from the existing stereotypes. After this project we would like to do a few workshops for the local youth where we include them into the activities and provide them with a possibility to spend their leisure time reasonably learning new things that may help in their future professional life. These workshops will let to look at the topic of the implemented project once again (review of stereotypes in regard to men and women, their roles in families, workplaces).

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