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STEPS TWO - Stakeholders Tune European Physics Studies

STEPS TWO project brings together over 70 universities from Europe, members of former EUPEN (European Physics Education Network) consortium, to strengthen European links and dialogue within the discipline and stimulates the cooperation in emerging the EHEA. The networking capabilities of EUPEN partners, their expertise and capacity to innovate in the benefit of higher education institutions, asses EUPEN as an operational incubator for concrete projects. This project is aiming at supporting the university Physics Departments with a greater European vision in their strategic institutional development, following the structural changes by the Bologna process and in responding to the Lisbon goals (e.g. increasing the number of Physics graduates). The development of STEPS TWO web-site and its capabilities will facilitate the collaborative work within the network, will enhance considerably the target groups and visibility. New web depositories will be developed: "New educational offers of university Physics departments on specific interdisciplinary or transdisciplinary domains & Offers related to their university mission in lifelong perspective (LLL)”; “Modern teaching methods & ICT based pedagogies for physics teaching at all levels”.Physics topics of teacher education will be addressed by a specific database and partly will be translated in EU languages, in order to ensure a large dissemination. The STEPS TWO web-site will address information to a more general public than physics academic community: students and graduates from other subject area, high schools teachers, trainers, employers (industry, hospitals, schools). Three General Forums, with topics focused on work groups’ lines of action, will be organized and jointly, poster sessions, workshops will disseminate the best practice in EU universities/countries. Flyers and CDs, DVDs on forum topics, a comprehensive Brochure will be issued.The impact of this project is expected to be European wide. The project intends to produce policy recommendations and to offer solutions for concrete strategies, ensuring this way long term consequences. It will have an impact on the design and delivery of degree programmes as well as on the way of teaching physics. Additionally, EUPEN Consortium would manifest itself as a European voice on the international stage.
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