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Stepping into someone else`s shoes
Start date: Feb 1, 2016, End date: Jan 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

International youth exchange Stepping into someone else`s shoes involves sport and will take place in the middle of summer 2016. Partner organizations/informal group of young people come from Slovenia (Društvo širjenja uporabnih znanj), Macedonia (Association for sustainable development SFERA MACEDONIA), Czech Republic (Tmelník o.s.) and Spain (Aduna: engánchate a Europa). Formal start of the project is 1. 2. 2016 and will end 12 months later on 31. 1. 2017. Each country will participate with 6 persons, 5 of them will be youngsters (2 of them with fewer opportunities) and 1 youth leader (20 – 29 years old). The participants will be 14 to 21 years old with gender equality. In April 2016 (3-4. 4. 2016) there will be advanced planning visit with 8 persons (4 youth leaders, 4 participants). The youth exchange will happen in Krško from 14. to 21. July 2016 (travel days not included).The idea for the project came from the project leader, who is facing a physical disorder and has this year joint the Slovenian national sitting voleyball team. She thinks that youngsters with special needs do not have a lot of possibilities for doing sports as there are no special activities for them in the local community. Furthermore local community does not recognize special sports as sitting voleyball.All youth leaders people were involved into the preparation phase of the project. Main objectives of the project are to spread the awareness about EU topics, to involve different young people, also disadvataged, into the activities. Moreover the project supports healthy lifestyle and well being fo youth by using sport and how to adapt the activities for them.The main activities are APV where we will make an agreement between partners, dividing the tasks amongst us, using different methods, getting o know each other, seeing the infrastructure. Afterwards young people will prepare for the exchange with the support of the group leader (planning the activities, arranging logistics). The exchange in Krško will include movie nights about sports and debate, outdoor sport activities (walking, fitness in nature, orientation), including youngsters with fewer opportunities and special needs into the activities, adapting sports to thier needs, workshops about informal knowledge (Youthpass/CV), all about EU, migrations in EU, meeting desicion makers and NGO representatives, cultural gathering and learning, visiting several organizations in the regia Posavje thtat include the target groups of the project, preparing and executing sport games for young people, making e-memory book. Young people will work with and for each other. They will work in mixed groups and organize the activities with the help of the youth leaders, who have years of experience with youth work. They will work with different NGO-s from Krško and region Posavje and their youngsters who are facing different obstacles in their lives.After the exchange each group will prepare at least 2 events (presentation of the project, organizing sport games for all young people) in their country. They will give the e-memory book to their local organizations and decision makers and will also promote the project all the time. The main methods for the activities will be participative and will include all youngsters. They will be interesting and young people will learn while the process. There will be lots of group work and exchanging of knowledge and skills. The impact will be on the participants, partner organizations, local NGO-s, all the people from local community. We hope that all the groups will become more aware about the chosen topics and will become healthier Eu citizens, better people, colleagues,… in the future. Additionally we plan to use the results even after the project ending as the materials (photos, e-memory book) will remain on social networks, archives in partner organizations and young people. The participants will make their Youthpass and CV in Krško. We wish that the sport organizations would adapt their programs more to the young people who have obstacles or are facing other disadvantages.

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