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Step Out of Your Mind, Animate Your Life
Start date: 11 Jul 2016, End date: 10 Dec 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

"Step Out of Your Mind, Animate your Life" project address a problematic that many European countries confront themselves with, the crisis of the labour market and the difficulties the young people face at their integration on it. The 5 months (July - December 2016) offers an alternative way to look at this issue and offers the context for youth workers to look at this problem from the perspective of what they can do to stimulate the creativity of young people in order for them to provide creative and efficient solutions and approaches to their challenges. The project will involve 20 youth workers and youth leaders from 6 countries (Spain, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, Italy, Poland) to explore their creative potential in order to create a set of methods and instruments that they will use further in their work to develop the young people’s natural talents and abilities for a better understanding and integration in the work field. The aim of this proposal is to develop young people’s natural talents and abilities in order to improve their relation to the labour market. More specific objectives are:• To increase the knowledge level of youth workers in topics like creativity and non-formal education. • To create pro-active attitudes among youth workers towards exploring their creative potential in order to help young people increase chances in actively involving in the work field;• To develop practical skills to youth workers or youth leaders in creating non-formal methods to use in their work; • To stimulate the participants to act as “creativity agents” in their own organization and regions;Target group of the project: • youth workers and youth leaders from active NGOs that:• have mission and objectives that are related to social inclusion and community intervention in their society working with young people and young people coming from groups facing exclusion or at risk to be excluded;• have a high multiplicative potential;To answer the needs of the participants and to contribute to raise quality of working with young people a set of activities have been developed in each stage of the project, preparation, implementation and evaluation and follow up in order to contribute to reaching the aims of the project. The training activity in Murcia will create a context for participants that during 7 days (11/07 - 10/12/2016) to go through a creative process themselves using topics and methods as follows: Designing the room – participants will be asked to use different materials in order to create the design for the training room; Teambuilding – participants will go through a teambuilding program with outdoor exercises, from energizers, trust fall, ropes exercises, treasure hunt, various tasks in the nature, in order to create the group bond, explore their limits and connect with nature; Creativity – Participants will explore the concept of creativity in different manners, from modeling what the concept means for them, to approach it in connection with the labour marker or education. TED Talks, group working, brainstorming, presentations, world café, etc. will be used in order to debate about the concept and how it can be used in order to empower young people to provide for their own life; Lateral thinking – participants will go through a process of stimulating the lateral thinking using different games and exercises in order to be able to provide alternative solutions to various problems; Creativity lab - Participants will work in groups and develop methods to stimulate creativity for young people moreover to help them integrate on the labour market. Tool Fair - Participants will present the methods they have created in a facilitation session they will perform for the other participants of the group. Future plans - Participants will have the context to work together and develop further projects based on the experience they have in their organization or on the networking they have developed all throughout the TC.After the project, we expect the participants/partners to be more competent as “creativity agents” methods processes and group dynamics, and thus to positively influence the future youth work and the projects in which they use the method.
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