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Step Further - Discovering Interculturality
Start date: Dec 1, 2009,

This project will enable 20 young people from Czech Republic, Estonia, France and Luxembourg to spend 2 months in Guatemala and take part in a voluntary service for the sake of the local community. The volunteers involved will be young people with fewer opportunities. We will offer this unique opportunity to young people who are coming from difficult social and cultural backgrounds, with complicated economical or family situation, with low level of education and almost no international experience.This project will be a valuable opportunity for the volunteers to come out of their normal reality, where they are facing their every-day problems, and spend two months as volunteers in Guatemala. This will give them another perspective of their life, raise their self-esteem and self-confidence, contribute to developing their skills and competences and increase their future employability.The project will be adapted to the special needs of the young volunteers. Our aim is to make it as open as possible. During the two months, volunteers will take part in different programs of the hosting organisation and rotate between them. This will enable them to try different activities, see what skills they have and where their strengths are and what could be their work orientation in the further life. They will be helping in organising sport activities for children and young people in Guatemala, in improving the infrastructure of schools, hospital and other facilities as well as helping to organise educational programmes in elementary schools.J.nlhjşjrşmework. of this Group EVS prpjecLtierę will be twice .10 young, volunteers staying[together for a period of two months. This will ensure the possibility for peer education and intercuítüral learning between volunteers from four different European countries.All the four sending organisations, members of Together pan-European network, have wide experience in working with disadvantaged young people as well as with EVS - either as sending, hosting or co-ordinating organisations. This project will give us an opportunity to establish an EVS project with a hosting organisation out of Europe. The hosting organisation, Pro Paz in Guatemala, is a well-established organisation in Guatemala with long-term experience in local and international volunteering. The reinforced mentorship will allow us to tailor the project to the special needs of each individual volunteers.The 20 volunteers will be in fact "young European ambassadors" to Guatemala who will promote their the shared European values of solidarity, intercultural tolerance and dialogue and international co-operation. We will put great emphasis on visibility of the project as well as dissemination of results.
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