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STELLA Science Teaching in a Lifelong Learning Approach

The STELLA project aims at contributing to the improvement of science teaching in Europe as well asat fostering innovation and strategic decision in science education, in particular to facilitate theincreasing of graduates in maths, science and technology. The subjects with a slower growth (physicalscience, maths and statistics) are specifically tackled.The project’s main objectives are: to promote the active exploitation of results all over Europe and theexchange of good practices among the main European stakeholders in science education, alsoencouraging the networking among practitioners; to create an open and continuously updated webbased catalogue of initiatives and good practices in science education from all over Europe; toencourage communication and cooperation among teachers and schools, providing them with specifictools to stimulate the exchange of ideas and their active participation; to diffuse innovative projects,methodologies, emerging ideas in science education in an integrated and interactive way.For achieving these objectives, an interactive web portal will be developed, with specific sectionsdevoted to different target groups: open communities of national stakeholders, community ofpractitioners, community devoted to the gender (un)balance in science education, the EuropeanCommunity policy makers. The core of the web portal will be the online catalogue of science initiativesand good practices, collected all over Europe, by means of online questionnaires directly filled in byteachers, and validated by the central team of the project. A new set of multimedia tools and“Guidelines for documentation and transferability of good practices”, with the aim of enhancing thebenchmarking in science education at European level, will be developed and disseminated at nationaland European levels.A pool of good practices and success stories will be created and supported by a handbook on“Innovative practices in science education for European schools”, which will analyse in depth the bestschool practices identified during the lifespan of the project. STELLA addresses teachers, school headsand their schools, offering them a “virtual” place for discussing, sharing experiences, gettingrecognition from colleagues and experts at national and European level.In the long term the project also contributes to create in the European schools the fertile ground neededto make more effective the measures and recommendations aimed at improving science education. Moreactive relationships among schools within and outside national countries, as well as closer links amongschools and decision makers and researchers, may not only pave the way for innovating scienceeducation, but may also contribute to establishing a “Europe of Education and Training”.

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