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Steiner based Kindergarten
Start date: Sep 1, 2008,

This Steiner based Kindergarten is situated in a state of the art building in Clonakilty - the heart of West Cork. The project was developed to provide a childcare service for children between the ages of 2 and 6 and to promote citizenship in general and European citizenship in particular. The project's themes are artistic, cultural and education, with a particular interest in early childhood education and development. The overall objective of the Kindergarten is to maintain a permanent centre in Clonakilty and to cater for the various childcare needs of the local community. Our project operates for a 10 month period from September to June, loosely following a standard academic calendar. Nationalities of children and their families, teachers and volunteers include Irish, British, French, German, Dutch, Nigerian, Polish, Italian, Ghanian, Czech and Israeli. The project normally works with 2 volunteers each year. Our facilities include summer camps, after school care, parent and toddler groups, parenting training, etc. The Kindergarten is socially inclusive and is open to all children in the community including members of the asylum seeking community. The kindergarten's works stems from the work of Rudolf Steiner, and the three-fold picture of the human being. This education supports the physical, intellectual and spiritual growth of the child. There is a strong emphasis on nature, music, arts and crafts. The education is based on the rhythm of the year (seasons), week and day. The year's calendar of festivals is marked with a celebration. Art, music and movement are included in the daily activities.
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