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Steigerung der digitalen Kompetenzen der Unterrichtenden der SMS Bad Vöslau, aufbauend auf die bereits erlangte eLSA (eLearning im SchulAlltag) Zertifizierung.
Start date: Jun 1, 2016, End date: Aug 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

“SMS Bad Vöslau“ is a secondary school with its focus on sports. It has an overall capacity of 15 classes from which 10 are sport classes and 5 ordinary classes. Our goal is to provide our children with education that is state of the art in which “digital media” plays a major role. Since October 2015 our school got the eLSA (eLearning in school) certificate which gives us the opportunity to prepare our students for the challenges that come with your work. To accomplish such a plan, 4 persons of our team apply for finance support at the national agency to attend the courses. 1: Mrs. Principal Brigitte Nowotny: Best Practices Benchmarking Due to the reason that the local area around the school is filled with grammar schools, we have to assure that the quality of education is at least as high as the education at a grammar school, so we can keep or even increase the number of students at our school. Mrs. Nowotny is highly interested in this kind of plans, that’s why she is perfectly suited for the course provided. The goal is to show innovative development plans for changing into “digital media in daily education”.2: Mrs. Elisabeth Bader-Iby: Course – Coping with Web 2.0 TechnologyThe variety of applications of Web 2.0 technology are integrated in a students’ life. To use the Web 2.0 technology in class and further more to show the children the applications that Web 2.0 offer, besides gambling, it is necessary to have a well trained teacher. In the upcoming years, computers and tablets will gain a major role in teaching, therefor it is without doubt necessary to educate the teacher about the abilities that come up with those devices. Mrs. Elisabeth Bader-Iby is responsible for the e-learning department, that is why she is a good contestant to apply on the course.The goals are:- Learning about the connection between Web 2.0 technology and education- The variety of applications possible that can be used at work- Getting the biggest profit from practical examples during classes- To become part of the European network that can provide you with relevant education tools.3: Ms. Katrin Waitz: ICT for the classroomMs. Waitz is going to be form teacher of a class which will be provided with laptops/tablets. Her goal is to give the children the optimum of digital education for which she needs the right input. The course she is applying for shows how teachers can bring ICT into classrooms. The focus will be on all common social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, as well as state of the art platforms such as Youtube, Google Apps, etc. Besides that, the students will learn the safe handling of those platforms as well as digital classroom management.4: Ms. Stocker Sandra: Course – Teaching ScienceMs. Stocker is a physics teacher. She wants to collect new methods of educating by using modern technology. As a young teacher, she has the motivation and the basics for that course.Her course includes:- Visiting secondary schools and internships specialized on science- Fresh ideas and educational methods for science classes with the focus on digital media- Workshops and books for the Cheltenham Science FestivalThe following effects and results are expected:1. Increasing the lingual competences of all contestants – working language is English2. Increasing of digital knowledge – new inputs and methods of using digital media, picking up new methods of teaching3. Initiating of partnerships between schools abroad4. Exchange of groups of children by using strategic partnerships5. Motivate the faculty to raise the interest in Erasmus projectsDue to the fact that our school will have a recertification of eLSA (eLearning in school) in the next 2 years, we will see if our school could increase its competence in digital media
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