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Staże zagraniczne przyszłych techników- nowe doświadczenie szansą na sukces zawodowy
Start date: Jun 1, 2016, End date: May 31, 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

A group of 32 students specializing in two professions: trade technician (12) and photo technician (20) will take part in the following project: External practice of the future technicians - new experience as the chance for professional success. The planned apprenticeship will be held in Rimini, Italy in the following dates: 5 February 2017 – 4 March 2017 and 22 October 2017 – 18 November 2017. Each time 16 students - 10 photo technicians, 6 merchants and 2 tutors (teachers from ZSTiO in Skoczów) will participate.The subject, content and the action plan derive directly from participants’ needs and opportunities offered by the Erasmus+ program that is committed to achieving the Europe 2020 strategy. During the project preparation, the main adopted purpose is to enable technician students to achieve vocational competence according with EU standards and language that lead to improving social and personal skills and further professional development. This project also responds to adopted development strategy that stresses the aspect of mobility of youth and gaining the European dimension by educational institutions.In reference to the fact, that young graduate enters the labour market, where experience and creativity are required, this project is an answer to the need of better practical training during school period and use of EU funds for educational work. The project implementation is focused on both: natural extension of the content of education and giving opportunity of professional development as esponse to demands of the labour market.The project shall enable students to meet actual market conditions in Italian trade and photography companies, resulting in new work experience. It is important to provide the opportunity to meet practical and European solutions in the field, in which the young person gets specialist education. The contact with the client is very important for the future merchants and photographic technicians, therefore the planned apprenticeship also gives the opportunity for communication with the foreign language clients. It shall contribute to reducing the language barrier, rapid acquisition of communication skills and improve the knowledge of specialised professional language. Editing reports and posts on Facebook profile in English is an additional tool for developing language skills.Competencies gained by students will be certified by the ‘European Educational Passport’ Europass Mobility describing the professional benefits and additional results obtained by participants. Through the European Credit System for VET the knowledge and skills obtained abroad will be recognised internationally. It will contribute to equalize the opportunities of Polish technicians in European labour market. The participants will also receive an assessment from the gaining organization, the Certificate confirming vocational training and a certificate related to linguistic skills. It shall lead to enrich young technician’s CV and increase occupational value to future employers.Taking part in the project will contribute to building openness, intercultural sensitivity and tolerance to cultural diversity. It is the chance to increase self-esteem and a sense of being European. The independence of the participants, their responsibility, creativity and ability to take risks will increase. It could also be the only chance of meeting with culture, heritage and everyday life of Italians. It is a chance for the new perception of reality that will have a positive impact on future life choices. The project will result in greater prestige of the School as an educational institution. It will enhance it's attractiveness and popularity contributing to strengthening it's position in an educational market.
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