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Staż zagraniczny szansą sukcesu zawodowego
Start date: 05 Jun 2016, End date: 04 Jun 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The following project is aimed at students from the Technical Nutrition and Food Services classes in Zespół Szkół Ogólnokształcących, Zawodowych i Rolniczych im Adama Mickiewicza w Radymnie. Within the project, which is a part of an internship, a trip for 2 groups is planned(a total of 30 students and 2 carers).Each group consists of 15 students from Technical Nutrition and Food Services and 1 keeper.Internship for each group will last three weeks and will be held in German companies catering industry and services (Leipzig, Lützschena, Schkeuditz).The term internship for group I: 06.25.2017 - 15.07.2017 and for group II: 11.05.2017 - 25.11.2017.The students were selected based on the criteria set out in the recruitment process.The project is planned to prepare participants to go abroad, taking into account the need for substantive, cultural and linguistic needs.Students in the course of the internship will acquire new skills related to the taught profession, learn about the profession and the organization of work, will effectively improve their communication skills in the field of general and vocational education.The knowledge and skills of pupils will be confirmed by certificates and the Europass Mobility that will enhance their chances of finding a good job.Skills acquired during the internship will allow participants to not only find employment in local or European labor market, but also enable to start their own business,raise the level of self-esteem and contribute to increased competence and qualifications.Partner in the project is the German company Vitalis, which guarantees all arrangements underpinning the internship’s program in relevant to its scope institutions.Implementation of the goals of the project: - Allowing students(future graduates) our school to acquire the knowledge, skills, and practical useful and desirable both on the local and European labor market- Construction of the students' openness and intercultural sensitivity and the ability to adapt to living and working in another European country thanks to the knowledge of the culture of another nation and improving foreign language, including professional- Education students' assertiveness, willingness to look for new solutions and expand horizons being the beginning of self-realization, self-employed or work in existing establishments contribute to the achievement by students following results:ZSOZiR students participating in an internship will receive is hard achieve results,that is Certificates by the host,Europass.Soft results achieved by the trainees of the project will: increase professional knowledge, practical experience and skills in handling modern equipment improve the professional skills that increase the chances of finding a job in line with the expectations of the participant; improving knowledge of German on primary and vocational basis and break the language barriers, increase motivation to learn foreign languages, increase self-esteem and self-confidence; education intercultural competence: openness, acceptance and overcoming cultural stereotypes; the acquisition of interpersonal skills; learning the history and culture of Germany; establish interesting contacts, acquire self-confidence of movement in the European labor market. The products of the project will be also developed by the students of multimedia presentations (of course internship in various catering establishments, taking into account regional values), collections of recipes, photos, videos and brochures language that will be used during foreign language lessons as a teaching aid. It is assumed that after returning from the project, all student participants will evaluate it and publish all the gathered results.The results of the project will be introduced to the local environment and school through the media, showcases information, internet, direct organizing meetings with students, parents and representatives of local authorities.As part of the dissemination of the project it is planned to organize a competition addressed to lower secondary school students and high school students learning on the gastronomic profile.Dissemination and exploitation of project results will affect other organizations and help to increase the prestige of the school and create the opportunity to develop new partnerships for the future.It also allows others to use actions and experiences of Erasmus +.Disseminate results of the project can serve as examples and inspire others by showing what can be achieved under the program.Awareness of the possibilities offered by the program can contribute to a positive perception by the public and encourage wider participation in the program.The share of foreign students in the internship will complement our educational offer for the benefit of professional training, social and personal future graduates.
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