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Stáž v zahraničí – nové kvalifikované zručnosti a kompetencie.
Start date: Jul 1, 2015, End date: Jun 30, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project " Internship Abroad - new qualified skills and competences" is aimed at enhancing the skills of students and learners for the automotive industry. The students will be enhancing their skills with the acceptance and car repairs applying already acquired knowledge to deepen the knowledge by the partner from Germany of course with communication in the German language. In this project the traineeswill gain new skills in the use of specific procedures to repair vehicles of the Group's brands when it designated specific tools and products. We want to implement by this project the practice of students by repairing cars MAZDA, MITSUBISHI and TOYOTA in Munich in Germany. Project participants will also gain practical skills from optical measurements on measuring bench and practical skills in diagnosing fault by the special Group's brands diagnosis and from practical experience of the automatic venting of the brake system interference. Students will be obtaining this knowledge directly at the professional workplace under the guidance of instructors. The company has allowed us to engage our students in the educational process of their work operations under similar conditions as for their own current students. Students attending internships will increase their range of specific knowledge and skills to gain more competence. In addition they will enjoy a successful foreign automotive environment and become a competitive workforce, which corresponds to the requirements of modern times. The need to implement the mobility resulted from lack of opportunities to train students of both disciplines in our terms and conditions. The school is not always designed or able to simulate all cases in practice. A common cause of this condition are also present employees in companies unfamiliar with the modalities for car repairs, which are also on our market sell and service. The project aims to acquire selected new knowledge, skills and competenciesof the use of specialized tools and products, gain a new practical experience in corrections, detection, measurement and fault diagnosis via special equipment Group's brands and improve the communication skills in German. The goal is also to increase and improve expertness of those students who contributing mobility through the new knowledge, expertise skills and work experience in automotive industry in Germany and helping them in their personal development and employability on the labor market. The project will help us to better understand and identify the needs of employers for vocational education, training and skills of students. From the implementation of the objectives of the projectwe want to incorporate the findings into the SEPs for further period. And also we want to incorporate this part of the training into the credit system in vocational education and training (ECVET) to their use in mobility in Germany to create credit, specific training for the selected part of the knowledge, skills and habits in the area of car repair. Participants of the project will be students 3. or 2. year of the three-year curriculum (non school-leaving certificate): (2487H01)-mechanic, where the level of theoretical knowledge and practical skills as well as communication skills in German, meets the requirements for graduates. Implementation of the project is planned for the period from July 2015 to June 2016 with the planned mobility, which will be attended by eight students of our school either the first half or the second half of the school year 2015/2016. The expected results of the project and its impact on the educational system consists of reification and incorporation knowledge of participants in the school curriculum, in the school curricula of teaching and learning degree in transport operations-mechanic repairer field in the new school year 2016/2017, and also in language education. The result is to transfer the information between the partners of the project. By application of gained knowledge in vocational education and training of students abroad in the practical teaching, weobtain feedback on the needs of current practice and develop cooperation among school leadership and management companies partners. We have the opportunity to prepare innovative procedures for the following possible placements for any other trainees and thereby create new conditions for continued mobility in the car repair sector and maintaining mobility in partner "AutohausSoucek "from Munich. Participant of theInternshipabroad will obtain the certification from the national Europass Centre for MŠVVaŠ of the SR.

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