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Start date: Jun 1, 2016, End date: May 31, 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The aim if the project is to improve the quality of vocational education through the organization of professional internships in Germany for vocational school students under the supervision of teachers from ZSB No. 1 in Płock. ZSB Students will be equipped with additional skills to increase employment opportunities in the European labor market. Teachers of professional training - youth tutors will learn about German solutions in the field of vocational training which will increase the quality and attractiveness of their classes. The internships will be organized at Vitalis in Schkeuditz. The target audience are students of vocational school in the construction industry in such occupations as: mason-plasterer, construction and finishing works in construction fitter, network installation and sanitation fitter, building insulation fitter, industrial insulation fitter. The main objectives of the internship is to know and to compare: materials and technology in the field of environmental protection used in another EU country, the organization of jobs on construction sites, construction documentation, procedures for setting up your own business and the development of the ability to apply their knowledge in certain circumstances in particular construction. In addition: improving language skills, learning technical vocabulary and establishing contacts and making appropriate interpersonal relationships.Implementation of the project is scheduled for the years 2016-2018. 2 groups are scheduled in 3-week internships. Departure of first group from 05-25.03.2017, second group - 04-24.03.2018. At any time, the internship will involve 16 students. Internships will be held in the workshops of the center and on-site external companies, selected by Vitalis and agreed with ZSB in Plock.Internship program, appointments, and tasks estimated for each side have been agreed with foreign partners during the preparatory visit in November 2014. Vitalis will provide: internship program in the above-mentioned competitions, intercultural workshops, language training and tours in Saxony, and accommodation and food. Schkeuditz center employs teaching staff, which will hold mentoring. To strengthen the quality of the project in each internship there will be 2 teachers of professional training from the sending organization to attend the internship. Their task will not only be to ensure the correctness of factual internships programs of students in various occupations, but also to explore the methods and forms of organization of vocational training based on the dual system, building materials, technologies and techniques used in the construction industry in Germany. So organized internships will take full advantage of the time and place of a partner in Germany and will improve the quality of vocational training in ZSB No. 1 in Plock. Young people participating in the project study German at school. Departure of each group is preceded by the preparation of a cultural and linguistic knowledge organized by the school, and in the first few days in Germany - organized by the staff from Vitalis. At the end of the internship, each student will be evaluated by filled by teachers "The individual scorecard professional competence" and “Individual assessment and credit cards acquired learning outcomes ECVET”. After completing the internship ZSB will provide each student Europass- Mobility document and make and make individual accumulation of units of learning outcomes based on the ECVET document. In addition, they will help the school professional advisor to plan each student individual professional development career path with regard to own suitability and interests. Vocational education teachers - tutors of students will also make self-acquired skills and teaching assessement.Quality control of the project will be carried out on a regular basis by all participants, with constant contact with the management of ZSB No. 1 in Plock. Young people and teachers will prepare reports from the internship and submit them to the publicity. The reports will document the course of the internship, and will be used for further evaluation of the project. All participants will receive certificates and documents of Europass - Mobility and ECVET confirming acquired language, personal and interpersonal skills.
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