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Stay in School, School is Fun
Start date: Jul 1, 2016, End date: Jun 30, 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project "Stay in School, School is Fun" is prepared in order to introduce in the status of the 10th Gymnasio Irakliou the ability of the school staff to broaden their horizons beyond the local boundaries with the ultimate aim of improving the operation and learning process for the benefit of themselves and all members of the school and mainly of students.In an increasingly challenging school environment with new demands, the objective of the project is to provide all members of the school unit incentives to become better through the demonstration, implementation and evaluation of best management practices, communication, collaboration and teaching. Better means for managers that they are able to utilize successful organizational ideas and action plans for anticipating negative phenomena which deter students from integrating themselves into school life. Best means for teachers that they are willing to implement innovative practices in the educational process, well equipped when confronting pupils, with more intercultural and European conscience and technophobia-free. Best means for students that they are more active members of the school community with an interest in exploiting new practices with agreeable curiosity for new things and cooperation with more qualified teachers and with a sense of European identity and of variable cultural imprints of their colleagues.Participants are 4 (2 persons in 2 times for feedback) in the field of school leaving and multiculturalism and their profiles are individuals with enough teaching experience, possible involvement in previous European programs, knowledge of English language and communication techniques.Participants are 3 in the field of training teachers to use new technologies and the use of innovative teaching practices and their profile is people with knowledge of the English language, familiarity with new technologies, motivation for improvement and dissemination of results.Briefly the activities to be implemented are:- Participation of teaching staff in seminars of multiculturalism, safe integration of immigrant children and improvement in general of the school environment to prevent school leaving aiming at creating an action plan to record the elements that depict the appearance of withdrawal phenomena of students from school life.- Participation of teachers in seminars that wish to integrate new practices in teaching, targeted to new technologies and more specific in robotics, but also with contact with teachers from other countries and visits to schools abroad.- Parallel participation of teachers and students in European programs KA2 or E-Twinning for European integration of consciousness in all aspects of school life.For the implementation of the project there will be initially a direct briefing of the school community and the local community about the program objectives. Then will be selection and preparation of the participants before themobilities, stating needs and expectations from the project, implementing evaluation methods of the project before, during and after the mobilities. Focus is on implementation of new practices in the school routine, and dissemination of results (Internet, Social Media, Local Newspapers, meetings) in order to have the desired impact on our school, students, parents and anyone whom it may concern.The main benefit of this project is to restart vigorness to all "pillars" of our school in order to become a place where students will find the best education and cooperation to prevent school dropouts, and the staff will utilize the ever-improving technology and building hardware and will me motivated more and more through good cooperation with the administration in a new more European environment.

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