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Stay fit, stay smart!
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: Sep 30, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The participants of the project Stay fit, stay smart with Erasmus + Youth were 30 people from Poland (17) and Finland (13) aged 13-15. The project took place in Ostrzyce, Poland, within 29.08-05.09.2015. The aim of exchange was cross-cultural meeting, improving language skills and shaping positive attitudes toward physical activity among people aged 13-15. Project STAY FIT, STAY SMART consisted of two categories of actions. The actions of the series: STAY FIT and action of the series STAY SMART. The STAY SMART actions were intended to equip us with the skills, knowledge in the area of language, culture, traditions and customs of another country. The STAY FIT activities were supposed to develop the positive attitude towards sport and physical activity as well as to meet up with and people of other nationalities. The STAY FIT workshops include sports and recreational activities like canoes, rope course, hiking, swimming, beach volleyball, frisbee, Finnish baseball, football, gym, mini golf and SPA attractions: sauna, jacuzzi, salt cave. We tried a lot of physical activity in a variety of environments: over the water, on the grass, sand, and even in the air; during which shaped our characters and overcame our weaknesses and made international friends. The STAY SMART workshop included a series of cultural ? linguistic lessons, during which Finns presented to Poles, and the Poles to Finns their culture, customs and language. This part has equipped the participants of exchange with knowledge in the field of culture, language and customs of other nationalities. Leading the workshop, and soon after participating in workshops run by fellow participants was a completely different perspective playing the role of the teacher and the student. For a summary of our activities we combined both competences: STAY FIT, STAY SMART. During the workshop STAY FIT, STAY SMART equally important roles played by the fact of having a smooth body and the fact of having the proper mind. As part of these activities young people took part in a street game, in which the five groups wandering through the old town and solving puzzles in the non-formal education. Other interesting tasks were activities in Sopot, Szymbark and Wie?yca where we were performing many actions together. We have gained the knowledge, the ability to communicate in a foreign language. We created close relationships, and, above all, positive attitudes towards acquiring new knowledge, skills and efficiency. The exchange was mainly the result of the activities of Youth. Youth exchange both the country and the partnership organized and conducted workshops to teach each other their native language, their culture and sports, directed leisure. The preparations for the event lasted a long time and it all began with the online contact. Week by week we got to know each other and when we met at the airport everyone knew the names of new friends and was able to recognize them. We had been preparing the meeting during the whole holiday. First we met and shared tasks. Then in smaller groups we prepared workshops- the first group was preparing a workshop about Polish language in a nutshell; another group was working on the cultural workshops: 'everything about Poland'; and the last group workshop about sport called ?Polish sports.? When the groups were ready we met again to discuss everything together. The same did our Finnish friends in Finland. When we first met we were ready to play the role of a teacher to teach the Polish language and introduce them to our culture and show Polish sports. At the same time we were very determined to learn the language, culture and sports of our partners from Finland. When we met at the place we were ready to play the role of a teacher and our partners to learn the Polish language, introduce them to our culture and to show Polish sports at the same time we were very determined to learn the language, culture and sports of our partners from Finland. In order to share the acquired knowledge, experiences with the local community we have created a 'Quick Guide to Polish-Finnish language, culture and sports', which is one of the results of our activities. There is no doubt that the project has had a significant impact both on us - participants and the local community. The activities attracted media attention- we could notice that in reports published in local newspapers and on websites. Today, when mobility activities is ended we stay in touch using Facebook. The evaluation shows the increase of the competences and that the objectives have been achieved. Each of the participants received the Youthpass describing exactly what kind of skills were achived by each participant of the exchange.
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