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Start date: 01 Jun 2016, End date: 31 May 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The title of our project says a lot about its content , "WE FOCUS ON DEVELOPMENT". We focus on the development of our teachers and students, to improve the quality of education in our institution. The priority of our school is to educate sports, but remembering about the athlets' dual careers and an increasingly open European labor market, we believe that one of the most important tasks currently facing our institution is to equip our students with key competencies such as effective communication in a foreign language.Very often learning the language in school is for our students the only opportunity to develop language competence and the possibility of contact with the language and to communicate in a foreign language not only on language lessons but also on other subjects such as: biology, geography, mathematics or history will give them more opportunities to put into practice their language skills.We also want to motivate to learn foreign languages our subject teachers, teachers of integrated education and trainers so that they can effectively use these languages on their lessons (which will undoubtedly make the lessons more attractive and increase students' interest in these subjects), and in the future they will be more willing to join the international cooperation and do sports projects.The development of information and communication technologies raise new challenges for teachers and the entire education sector. Computer, tablet, cell can be a great tool for work, and the internet is a public reservoir of all kinds of educational materials and texts in foreign languages. In order to adapt to the current situation, we must take care of our teacher development workshop in this area, so that they not only introduce new technology in their lessons, but also teach young people how to use them effectively.Analysing all these aspects, at the beginning of the school year Teachers' Council established the foundation of the European School Development Plan and areas for improvement and simultaneously set the main themes of our project. These are:- Teaching and learning foreign languages- New innovative curricula / methods of education / training development- ICT - new technologies - digital competence The project WE FOCUS ON DEVELOPMENT will be attended by 20 teachers. 4 teachers of foreign languages who will participate in training in the use of CLIL and the use of ICT in teaching. The other teachers are subject teachers (7 persons) teaching such subjects as biology, geography, mathematics, history and Civics, entrepreneurship, chemistry, and teachers of integrated education (4 people) and trainers (5). They will participate mainly in language courses, but also with elements of CLIL application or the use of ICT tools.Participation in training methodology and language courses will give our teachers possibility to update their workshop, gain new powers of language, new tools (ICT) and materials of the methodology, didactics and new innovative methods of teaching (CLIL), which will certainly have an impact on further development of our students and the quality of education in our school.We believe that training taking place abroad and carried out by native speakers of English or Russian will also have a measurable impact on improving their social and cultural competence. It will also help to overcome the language barrier which is widespread among our teachers and increase their motivation for further development and education.In order to prepare our subjcect teachers and trainers for their mobility , in the first year of the project we will organise for them special weekly classes of English and Russian in our school and their progress will be regularly monitored and evaluated at the end of the project.All course participants will prepare presentations, lesson plans involving foreign languages, teaching materials, exhibitions, reports, and make the necessary innovations in the curriculum.They will share their newly acquired knowledge and experiences with all project participants, other teachers in our and neighboring schools.To implement and disseminate the results of our project among students, parents and the local community, teachers will prepare a special program on "Days of Open School" or the "Week of the Erasmus project +" (open classes, shows, language and subject competitions and exhibitions). Information about the project, program and project logo and all materials collected will be placed on the school website.Owing to the foreign courses teachers not only gain new language skills and professional training, but also the opportunity to establish new contacts with foreign partners which can result in realization of new e-Twining projects , or sports partnership projects and strengthen the European dimension of our school.
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