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State Committee for Economic Development and Property Relations of Pskov Region

The general objecitve is to enhance cross-border cooperation in the fields of education, arts and culture between border regions of Latvia and Estonia. The partners of the projects are Gaujiena music and art school and Alatskivi art school. These schools are institutions of small local (rural) municipalities. They promote art and culture development in their regions and provide the pupils with professional education in music, art and dance programmes. There is much in common and uniting between the two schools (educational programmes, student contingent, organization and participation in different summer camps), which forms a great potential for cooperation. Both schools have urgent problems with material and technical basis, music instruments. In rural regions it is hard to find professional teachers. The project aims at solving these problems and enhancing common culture heritage through joint culture activites and teacher and student exchange. The project is aiming to (1) perfect and develop students' professional skill, (2) promote the teachers' exchange of experience, (3) popularize the music of each nation, (4) Involve other municipal institutions in cooperation. This will be done through two main groups of activites: 1. Sharing musical traditions of neighbouring countries (art exhibitions, concerts, music days in Gauja and Alatskivi); 2. Education and exchange of experience of art and music teachers and students (summer camps for different groups of students, methodical semnars and masterclasses of accordeon and piano teachers). The target groups of the project are students and teachers of the involved schools, as well general public of the border regions of Latvia and Estonia. The main result of the project is improved cross-border cooperation, improved skill level of students as well as improved professional level of teachers and amount of study material acquired or developed through the project. Joint activities will enable to know each other better, to realize the common and the diverse in national traditions, education and culture and to enrich themselves. School in a link between the local municipalities and thus it can fulfil the tasks of united development programme.The project will increase awareness of the school teachers and students, as well as general public about the culture on the other side of the border. Another cross-border impact is exchange of experience and study materials between teachers and resulting enrichment of repertoire of methods and programmes.
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