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StartCompEnt - Start up a competent enterprise

The project addresses the problem of viability of new enterprises and aims at investigating all those parameters that are acting as barriers to the competitiveness and viability of new enterprises. To this effect, the project will look at the educational and training qualifications required for the persons interested to start a new enterprise, who - additionally to the educational qualifications - need to develop certain skills and knowledge that will allow them to produce innovation.The project will elaborate a reference material to promote the comparative analysis of the participating countries' specific systems that support the establishment of new business activities in a reinforcing and promotional way from the aspect of the continuous training. More precisely the proposal will: 1) define the profile of new enterprises; 2) examine the motives and circumstances for starting new enterprises; 3) describe the existing systems of supporting the start of new enterprises; 4) determine the necessary skills, knowledge and attitudes needed for new entrepreneurs; 5) present a comparative state of the art concerning the existing entrepreneurial models; 6) examine the different aspects concerning existing barriers; 7) formulate proposals for the training of new entrepreneurs, as well as edit a memorandum to the national authorities with proposals on the development of business starting programme for new entrepreneurs.

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