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Stan Up, Grow Up!
Start date: Jan 15, 2015, End date: May 14, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

"Stand up Grow Up" was a project aimed to provide a mobility, meeting and confrontation period between young european citizens, which come from Italy, Spain, France and Romania, with the aim to pursue the following goals: . To Improve the social coesion level between young european citizens which come rom different geografical and cultural places. . To Promote an higher cultural integration between participants through specific activities aimed to overcome social distances and prejudices. . To develop the engagement toward no profit and social promotion activities, and vounteering too . Improve the active european citizenship level among all the participants The main activity of this project was the youth exchange, carried on in Palermo between 10 and 18 March. Over Psicotabù (the promoter organization), the organizations Jeunesse et Reconstruction ( fom France), FCASEC (from Romania) and Asociacion Juvenil Intercambia ( from Spain) joined in the project as partners. In the youth exchange partecipated 19 youngsters from these countries, aged between 17 and 27 years old. The youth exchange has been finalized to involve and motivate for enganging to voluntary activities, aimed to the development of their community and for their individual growth; than the youth exchange activities have been also finalized to promote to the participants an higher level of sensibility, toward their internal rappresentations other countries people, discovering and overcoming prejudices and stereotyps. Participants joined in activities aimed to promote intercultural learning, to develop a knowledge about what the vounteering is and understand the prejudice of their own culture against the cultures of other countries involved in the project. The participation of the partner organization was very important for Psicotabù, especially to bulid the participants team and for finding their motivation. Some activities were moreover supported by Italian youngsters, of the network of Psicotabù. Unfortunatly the APV couldn't be carried, because the group leaders of partner organizations were no available to come in Palermo in that period, and in other period too. The activities were shared into inside and outside. Inside activities consisted into: knowing each other, team bulding, workshop about volunteering, intercultural learning, steretypes and prejudice between european, eurpean active citizenship. Regarding outside outside activities, some of them were aimed to reach the goals of the project topics, for example the "Guerrilla Gardening" activity, instead other activities were aimed to foster a cultural depth about the context which hosted the youth exchange: Palermo city (historical center tour and visit of "cappuccini" catacombs). Very important was also the intercultural evening that has fostered the knowledge exchange about young participants' countries and cultures. From the results of this poject we witness an higher level of openess toward integration and cultural exchange with young citizen of European Union, and a greater coesion and openess toward the cultural otherness. We found an higher level of knoledge and sensibility toward voluntary work and to take part of mobility project, such as those of Erasmus+ program.

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