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Start date: Jan 1, 2015, End date: Dec 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Participants will be Highsted School's first year (17 years of age) Sixth Form vocational business students. The Sixth Form comprises a consortium of three schools. Two flows of participants are envisaged for the same activity; that is 14 funded participants plus 1 to the EP to travel for 3 weeks in July 2014 and the same for 3 weeks in July 2015. Participants will be mixed gender but with females possibly forming the greater percentage. The project time scale is proposed for two years to ensure that all activities can be completed to a high level. The focus of the project, in terms of measurable outcomes, for participants will be their ability to acquire key vocational skills whilst at work placements in Brussels, primarily to enhance their employment prospects but subsidiary outcomes are likely to include the gleaning and raising of cultural awareness and increased confidence. Work activities to be provided by host partners will be directly relevant to the participants vocational areas and are thus expected to satisfy their needs, reinforcing classroom theory by integrating into it European business practice resulting in high quality outcomes. The overarching objective attempts to give participants an opportunity to practise business together with communication skills, including French, in European business environments and further to get these skills validated and accredited. The basic methodology is that over many years and with incremental innovations, the project manager has developed a sustainable network of partners in Brussels who have a proven track record in their involvement in the project. A principal aim and context is for bilateral arrangements with host partners to result in intercultural dialogue, thus enabling participants to gain very valuable practical experiences (office related, being that all placements will be within pan-European ngo type organisations) supporting theoretical study. The project is very important for the Sixth Form, which is relatively small and operates without any European Officer, this being the single European activity on offer in the Sixth Form itself. The project manager is very enthusiastic about both the immediate and longer-term benefits afforded to participants. Participants use the experiences gained from the project in their job and university applications and beyond. There is strong anecdotal evidence that interviewers are very interested in what interviewees can bring to employment/higher education as a result of their participation in the project. The variety of general office tasks provided by partners will have a European leaning and language dimension (mainly French, though not exclusively) that satisfies the critical added value element. For verification and accreditation purposes, in addition to Europass Mobility which has been utilised over a number of years, it is planned to introduce experimentally ECVET instruments; Learning Agreements to replace the existing quadrilateral contracts and each participant to have a Memorandum of Understanding. In developing the project, participant numbers were scaled up from 12 to 14 per flow, starting in 2012. To retain the quality elements that have made this project so successful in the past, numbers are maintained at this optimum level, making the logistics and practicalities feasible and realistic, whilst allowing for a significant number from the identified cohort to take advantage of the benefits. It is proposed to include one extra unfunded participant in each flow (see D Description of the Project). The project manager can, if required or should there be anything of significant interest, report informally on the two added participants. Note that a "Financial Identification Statement" together with a "Proof of Legal Entity" (for the applicant organisation) were appended to the sending organisation's Erasmus+ 2014 KA1 Mobility Project Application, reference 2014-1-KA102-000312. Both remain valid.

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