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Stageprojecten Vesalius secundair 2015-2016
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Stage JG Vesalius Institute is a school for health education and any training has close links with the care-reaching industry. The school is aimed at young people who want to care on a professional level health and wellbeing of people in the broadest sense of the word. The study 'youth and the disabled' educates youngster in the field of youthwork and care of mentally and physically disabled persons. " The specific training is at the ortho (ped) pedagogical subjects. Since ortho (ped) agogy the education of persons with a physical, mental and / or social limitation in mind, it is therefore intended to train educators who can guide these people. The organization Zuidwester aims to integrate people with disabilities into mainstream environment. We notice year after year expansion into more locations and working with new audiences. Every year seven pupils of training youth and disabled for 8 weeks on international internship Zuidwester, Middelharnis. These foreign internship offers students an opportunity to learn to deal with people with various disabilities. The internships in their own country are often very specifically aimed at a particular audience and form work (day care or housing). Zuidwester completely reorganized from this year where the staff is now used for both daytime activities and live, where it used to be a completely separate workforce. The students therefore have the chance to get to know the client in its totality and depth (all domains of life) and support. The main advantage lies in the fact that these two domains of life largely different skills and knowledge are required. This situation is quite rare in Belgium. The obligatory part 'live', the trainee (e) s even more in touch with all facets of the nurturing aspect of the profession. As in Belgium more and more emphasis on the double aging, this internship is an enormous enrichment for students. They are given the chance to learn new techniques and approaches in health care and to make their own. Compared to Belgium, we also see that Zuidwester works with a new but growing group within the Dutch health care. Namely the care for people with severe behavioral problems in combination with an intellectual disability. These people can be found in other countries, mostly back in psychiatry services. The internship is the main component of our project, but in addition, we also attach great importance to the cultural aspect of Dutch society, and to disseminate our experiences. These experiences broaden the worldview of the students as well as their social skills and an interest in other cultures. Often put the experience gained to further exploration of self and the world around him, and that is one of the core objectives of the Erasmus + program. And let it (as described above) just an attitude where these participants without it much harder (sometimes not) come. Stage FA / TA: ROC Friese Poort is the result of scale in the Dutch world of education. It is a training center, despite the scale, attention to the individual. It is a center for learning, life and exchanging knowledge and experiences, but with a strong regional solidarity. As they prepare in the Vesalius Institute for youth and adults to find their place in society and the labor market. Again, his own initial level, talent and ambition the principles. Both courses are learning various reasons in the Netherlands. The essential difference in the Netherlands lies in the distribution of medicines: fragmentation of drugs instead of boxes, automatic labeling on time use, frequency, dangerous ..., Doctor procedure - prescription - Pharmacist (regulations go directly to the pharmacist, everyone has a regular doctor). The automation is strongly driven by the Dutch pharmaceutical industry is an emerging trend in Belgium and therefore makes an ideal breeding ground for knowledge for our students .. Our tandartassistenten get the chance to learn the Dutch field better. They get the chance to know the Dutch field better. The big difference in the internship experience for students is get him in the power and responsibility that the Dutch tandartassistenten. For example, in the Netherlands dental assistants provide more support to the dental chair. Belgian dentists walk the students often lack experience in this chair on. By letting them taste they can acquire additional skills of the Dutch field that add value to their later careers.
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