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Stage de recherche : Culture et lien social en rural, une pépinière du vivre-ensemble au 21e siècle
Start date: 01 Nov 2016, End date: 28 Feb 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Research training: Culture and Social rural link, an incubator of living together in the 21st century.By this structured dialogue project, we want to bring rural youth to get familiar to civic bond issues and culture to better understand and connect, query and build a new life together in rural areas on this basis. For that, we will try to understand the changes experienced by rural and neo-rural populations in order to find action levers for better social connection, and to explore how the cultural issue is an advantage for civic bond between people.In recent years, in France and its rural areas, different topics have come to question our association and led us to several issues: Why the relations between old and new residents of the territories can turn into lasting conflict over the issues of values and spaces? Why identity issues turn to conflict of belonging and exclusion? How can the territory take advantage of new cultural practices to attract new residents and facilitate their relationship? How public policies can intervene in local and national level to reinforce the cultural practices and creations between these populations? How can rural associations create and renew the civic bond?Involving youth people on this topic, is betting on the fact that working together, discovering initiatives will enable them to build their personal opinions exchanging with elected officials or civil society leaders. This will give them a taste of commitment and action that will empower their citizenship.The main action will be holding a seminar from 17 to 21 December, bringing together more than 80 rural youth. It will take place after a preparation phase of 4 months, bringing together rural youth from all over France.This event takes place on MRJC own pedagogy will include a mix of debates, speakers' presentations, visits of relevant experiences and meeting with runners of cross-cultural initiatives. Those discussions will allow a good understanding of the issues and will be reinforce by exchanges between participants because we believe that young people hold in them some answers to those questions.Anchored on the territory of the Orne in Normandy, this national project will also rely on local initiatives to understand and allow each participant to understand this territory and to compare it to their own home territory.Finally, this project will seek to produce effects in different terms:- Short-term effects: we aim to promote youth participants’ engagement in favor of living together in rural areas. We also want policy makers to share with them the need to involve young people in the definition of cultural policy and / or management of associations, to bring together different local actors.- Long-term: we want many rural areas to become territories of meeting, of emancipation, reinforced by local animation and dynamism of the territorial civic bond. With professional or student mobility, social ties are stretched or are hard to build in rural areas. With this project we want to reinforce the idea that it is for every person to engage and take over proposals to facilitate living together and avoid isolationism and cultural identity, non-shareable and permanent defense. We work in favor of cultural practices that gather together people and defend the idea of sharing and living together.
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