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Stage à l'étranger : vivre une expérience unique au lycée professionnel Marie Laurencin à Riom
Start date: Jul 1, 2014, End date: Jun 30, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The French Vocational High School Marie Laurencin is situated in Riom in Auvergne. Our Erasmus+ project concerned 25 students from our school. There were training periods for the students from the initial vocational training (vocational A level and DTMS). The participants, men and women from 17 to 32, were in training for the Commerce vocational A level (European class), Management and administration A level, Fashion studies A level and the Diploma of Costume Maintenance, dressing option. Our challenge is to send to a European country the students from an underprivileged background who are the farthest from mobility. Our goals were to renew the motivation of the students for their vocational training and for their future studies, to implicate the parents in that process, to promote the cultural openness of the students, reinforce their oral linguistic skills particularly in relation to their vocation and to foster professional integration. Our aim was also to perpetuate the Mobility team set up in the high school since 2009. We wished for the implication of the students at every step of the project, before, during and after their stay. During their stay they took part in activities concerning their studies but also their career plan. For example, the students from DTMS have worked with a new partner, Louie Noir, a costume workshop in Malta. In November 2015, the interns worked on the opening show to the Commonwealth Conference where Queen Elizabeth was present. They were in charge of dozens of costumes and of the dressing of the actors. This new partner was pleased with the work of the students from Marie Laurencin and wrote them a letter of recommendation. A student from Fashion A-level wanted to gain experience in the costume making so she did her internship in Italy, in the Venice costume workshop Nicolao. This was our second partnership with this workshop. The student can be seen in costume alongside the employees in the 2016 calendar of the workshop. Two students from the Management and Administration A level, did an internship in Granada, Spain. They were welcomed by a Trade Union and the city hall of Granada. These new partners gave them tasks concerning the creation and the updating of Customer Files and reception. Students from the European section in Commerce were tasked with the receipt of goods, shelf-putting, facing, and advising customers. All these actions result in more motivated students, both for their current and later studies, open to different cultures. They are more at ease speaking in a foreign language, they master the vocabulary of their future profession and gain new professional skills. They add to their chances of finding a job or a more selective future training course. It is is also beneficial to the implication of all the actors of the partnerships: the students, the teachers, the parents, the regional and local authorities... Testimonies of the students and teachers who took part in the program are available on the website on mobility of the school. The dissemination of the results can also be done during the Open Doors days at school and also during the ceremony of the handing of the Europass Mobility document. Locally and regionally the dissemination is many-fold: - taking part in the forums on the Trades Forums in the area, - meeting with regional and national businesses during internship assessment and Boards of Examiners. The local and regional press is also called upon, during the ceremony of the handing of the Europass Mobility Document in presence of the DAREIC delegate (District Organization for European and International relations and cooperation) but for all mobility projects too. For example, we have a good relationship with the communication department of the city hall of Riom. They regularly publish articles in Riom Mag, in the Riom Jeunesse (youth) section. Mobility creates a momentum, even if all the students do not go abroad, many take part in some steps of the projects. For instance, students from CAP Commerce Employee who have many learning difficulties, created the flyer advertising our Mobility Website.
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