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Archive of European Projects

Stadi Training Abroad for Future
Start date: 01 Aug 2014, End date: 31 Jul 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

In this project Helsinki Vocational College together with 17 foreign partner organisations carries out students’ on-the-job learning periods and staff mobilities in Czech Republic, Netherlands, United-Kingdom, Iceland, Slovenia, Estonia, Ireland, Germany, Belgium, Sweden and Denmark. This project is partly continuation to the certified student mobility project (CE-FI-2004). The aim of the project is to bring the possibilities of the international activities in Helsinki Vocational College accessible to ever more students and training fields and to strengthen the international skills of the students due to the Internationalisation Action Plan. The project promotes the strategic aim of the Internationalisation Action Plan to develop the models and practices of increasing the transparency of the skills achieved abroad. Therefore the recognition of the on-the-job learning periods abroad according to ECVET is extended to new qualifications and partnerships. For the part of the staff mobility this project answers the need of the Internationalisation Action Plan of the City of Helsinki Education department to strengthen the skills of the staff controlled and target-oriented in order to reach the aims of the Internationalisation Action Plan and to support the students. The staff mobility also supports further the international networking and co-operation with the life of work, which also are the strategic aims of the staff mobility of Helsinki Vocational College. This project contains altogether 86 student mobilities and 14 staff mobilites in the academic years 2014-2016. The student mobilities are divided into different professional fields as follows: Information and communications technology, electrical and automation technology, machine and metal industry, car industry and logistics altogether 32 mobilities; due to the certifies VET student mobility project (CE-FI-2004) altogether 54 mobilities, of which 30 in social and health care, 12 in beauty care and 12 in hair industry. Thus the hair industry and beauty care in the Sector of Welfare are attached within range of the certification. The staff mobilities are divided into different professional fields as follows: technology 4, social and health care 4, beauty care 2, hair industry 2 and audiovisual communication 2. The student mobilities are carried out as on-the-job learning periods and Helsinki Vocational College has agreed upon the use of ECVET system in the student exchanges with seven partner organisations and signed a memorandum of Understanding. New units of the learning outcomes have been prepared already in following fields: Information and communications technology (2), car industry (2), logistics (3), hair industry (2) and beauty care (4). During the exchange period abroad the students can by learning at work strengthen their professional skills in authentic and diverse working environments. During the period they strengthen also their personal skills and facilities, which thee need also more widely in the working life and in the society. When planning the periods and during the periods the students get rehearsal in problem solving skills and communication skills in a foreign language. The period develops flexibility and adaptability to work and live in another country and culture as well as the ability to accept the challenges. During the staff training periods abroad the teachers get the possibility to follow and observe the trainng in the partner VET organization and to get familiarized with the working places in their professional field and the life of work in the partner country. Thus the staff mobility periods serve the enlargement of the professional skills of the teachers. Through the staff mobility also the practices of the recognition of the on-the-job learning periods abroad and usage of learning outcomes approach are developed. The aim of the staff mobility periods in audiovisual communication is to develop the content and curriculum of the training in audiovisual communication in English as it commences in Helsinki Vocational College in Autumn 2014. The project supports the use and development of common practices between the different Sectors of recently merged Helsinki Vocational College. It also supports the readiness to apply coming new qualification requirements based on learning outcomes approach. By disseminating the results of the project outside the own organization also the attractiveness of Helsinki Vocational College and vocational education and training in general are increased. As the participated students qualify, the companies and working life receives employees with strengthened facilities to customer service or any other work duties in a foreign language.
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