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Start date: May 26, 2015, End date: Oct 25, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project SPRINTERS - A NEW EUROPEAN SPORTS NETWORK IN MASS is an integrated project which will involve 98 participants from Romania, Croatia, Portugalia, Turcia, Estonia, Slovenia and Greece, in three thematic activities that will take place in Rm. Sarat (A1 and A2) and Mangalia (A3). The problem identified is poor participation in mass sport in the European Union on the basis of the lack of a network of partners to support and implement clear patterns of applicability of non-formal education methods. The causes of the problem are: Poor support and practice sport in schools and youth leisure time, lack of leisure opportunities in an organized, alarming number of young people using drugs or other substances, tobacco and alcohol, desinterest for youth sports, oversized attention to the online environment and technology at the expense of physical activity, lack of programs and projects that involve and disinterest responsible for youth policy to produce ideas in order to develop sports skills of youth, discrimination massive effects of racial and class differences, obesity, sedentary lifestyle. Objectives that will positivity problem and causes identified are: 1. Develop a partnership networks in order to promote sports and games in indoor and outdoor treatment at European level by involving 98 youth workers, youth leaders and 7 European countries; 2. Increase the number of youth workers involved in supporting, promoting and developing a pilot project in European Partnership in order to support indoor and outdoor mass sports; 3. Increase the awareness level of 98 participants from 7 countries on the importance of involving in developing indoor and outdoor sports; 4. Increase the involvement of 98 participants from seven European countries in promoting sports activities indoor and outdoor table; 5. Developing intercultural communication of 98 participants from seven partner countries through activities promoting principles: diversity, mutual respect, tolerance, solidarity, active citizenship and European fair play, equality, social cohesion and group social responsibility. The project activities are: PBA: August 24-September 1, 2015, Rm. Sarat, Romania - will involve 28 youth workers, 4 each from each promoter; The schedule of mobility is considering a number of strategic steps led on the following objectives: creating European networks of youth workers in promoting mass sports; Develop a portfolio of projects for 2016-2020 period to multiply and continue Sprinters network effects; Creating the Charter of youth worker in the field of mass sport in the European Union. These results will be obtained due to the use of methods such as workshops, teambuilding, seminar, brainstorming, evaluation, debriefing, round table, etc. Program activities are considering an analysis of organizational among network partners, identify common priorities and perspectives and developing a strategic plan for the next five years projects and a manual worker enforcement activity in sport; Youth Exchange focused in indoor sports promotion: 21 to 28 March 2016, Rm. Sarat, Romania - will involve 28 young group leaders to 7 of 7 states. Exchange will follow the implementation of a set of methods and tools for non-formal education to promote mass sports in indoor mode, the most used methods are: Workshop, Seminar, PhotoVoice, Public Caffe, Teambuilding, Brainstorming, Traditional evenings, evaluation. In exchange each participant will have involvement and coordination tasks. They will be carried out activities to promote sports and games room as well as football, tennis, volleyball, handball, basketball, chess, table tennis, the project end being represented by creating a new sport by involving young people in the target group. Youth Exchange focused on outdoor sports, beach sports: 19 to 26 August 2016, Mangalia, Romania, will involve 28 young people and 7 other group leaders. Methods implemented are: Workshop, Presentation, traditional evenings, Evaluation, Teambuilding, Survivor Mission, Treasure Hunt, Seminar. The aim is to promote sports and beach games such as beach football, patches, Freesby, Making sandcastles, beach tennis, badminton, survival missions, Fishing. In order to generate a proper preparation and planning, there will organize two advanced planning visits during the next periods: 20-23.11.2015 ( for A2) and and 10-13.07.2016 (for A3).
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