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Spread the sign - dissimenation in Europe of vocational sign language
Start date: Oct 1, 2012,

All children have a right to their language, including deaf children. Sign language is different all over the world and that is why there is a big need for the product of this project, the sign language dictionary. The international online sign language dictionary was developed 2006-2010 and officially launched by HM Queen of Sweden 2009. Nominated by the Commission as best practice 2010. This Network project will enlarge the partnership with five new EU countries, increase the documentation of vocational words/signs and have a large dissemination in Europe. The large network is Sweden, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Czech Rep, Germany, Austria, Italy, Spain, Portugal, United Kingdom, Iceland and TurkeyThe main targets of the product are vocational deaf students and trainers. Universities, deaf vocational schools, NGO´s and a private company compose the consortium, and some partner countries are doing mobility exchange to benefit the target group. Valorisation in the fieldwork will be done in each country, to reach all vocational deaf schools and there pupils, trainers and work councilors who have information of working places and the working world. The dissemination will also be made towards decision makers and media. The component of an enlarged sign language dictionary will improve communication, comprehension skills, and will allow deaf students to increase their specific and general vocabulary in training areas, making them more prepared to access labor market and attractive for employers. The experience and expertise of the partner teams in managing and researching in an international level leads us to point out the consortium’s professionalism as an important factor in the project development. This will be reflected on the product’s innovations, and in the strategies carried out to make the dissemination and valorization. We will materialize it through free Internet and apps to mobile devices, under concept of mobile learning.

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