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Spread the sign - Communication in national sign language

Spread the Sign is a web tool, a visual dictionary of sign language that,among other things, can increase the possibilities to do work experienceabroad. Hopefully it can also contribute to increase the possibilities for acommon future labour market for deaf professionals in Europe.Many people believe that sign language is an international language,but that’s not the case. Just like spoken languages, sign language is differentall over the world. The web tool Spread the sign; will make it easierfor deaf people to learn another sign language. Sign language is the firstlanguage for a deaf person and the mother tongue would be their second.That means English is their third language. Many deaf students insecondary schools are finding it difficult with a third language and preferto refrain from learning English.Since 2007, the website is an expanding visualdictionary of sign language and written language. From 2009, it containsat least ten different languages. Any equivalent to this dictionary doesnot exist today. Individual and international sign language dictionariesare available in various countries, but none that take such a comprehensiveapproach in the same way as Spread the Sign.
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