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Språk- och skolutveckling
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The background of this application is to develop the quality of the organization's operating activities as well as promoting the language skills for the employees within the organization. One way of improving the language skills is letting employees attend international language courses for teachers. These courses are not only focusing on improving the language of the participants, but also on educational situation. The teacher who will attend these courses will thereby gain knowledge which they will be able to spread in our organization, to other teachers and employees as well as to our students. We also see other positive aspects that will help improve the continuous work of internationalization for the organization, i.e. knowledge and experiences connected to countries language, culture, commercial and industrial life and curriculum. Another necessity our organization experiences is the need of new international relations, by building relationships with teachers from other countries the quality of our operating activities as well as our international development will be affected positively. The relationships created will be helpful in long term by new experiences, knowledge and by their possibilities of future co-operations between the schools. The objectives of this project are therefore to improve the teachers language skills in honor to enhance the educations quality and to co-operate more between the courses our school offer. The best way to succeed with this objective, is by letting our teachers attend international courses that will be given on the target language in the target country. In such circumstances they have to use the language on a daily basis, both during the education but also in their spare time, in formal situations as well as informal ones. Another objective of the project is to immerse the knowledge of culture, diversity, educational systems, international co-operation and industrial life. This knowledge will contribute to an enhanced development of the organization's international work and co-operation between schools. The best way to improve these skills and gain apprehension, is in authentical situations. By allowing that, the competence will increase effectively and qualitatively in a way not possible in another. To reach the objectives mentioned in the previous part, we apply for two of our teachers to attend international language courses. One of the teachers will attend an international English course, the other one an international French course. The elected teachers tutor subjects such as business administration, social science, foreign language and technology. To change ideas, get inspired, improve their language, build new relationships is an enormous advantage for their continuous teaching at home. The teaching demands conversational skills for one of the elected teachers. The other teacher is the school's only French teacher, which means that she is responsible for the education as well as she is tutoring all the students all by herself. Our activity, to let the teacher attend international language courses, demands preparations for an optimized result. The practical arrangements with a direct relation to the language course will be handled by the course administrator and our travel agency. Individual preparations for the participants are also necessary to increase the possibilities of an effective learning during the course. The participating teachers have to be prepared concerning i.e. curriculum, material, and language. In co-operation with the management, they also have to create individual plans of how they will develop their competence in the long run. That plan will include a task, whereby the teachers will present their experiences and knowledges gained to other teachers afterwards. By that, the organization as a whole will profit in their continuous work with quality development and internationalization. The purpose of this project is that it will result in improved language skills for the students as well as the teachers. The teachers are also expected to develop their pedagogical skills and gain cultural experiences. Inspiration as well as higher motivation is also expected, something we hope that the participating teachers will spread to increase the commitment concerning international questions within the organization. All these elements will be a part of improving the quality of our education through new ideas, enhanced knowledge and facilitating possibilities to co-operate between courses given by the school. Another result is new, international relations with colleagues from other countries, with whom the teachers might continue communicate- and/or co-operate with. This project will be a part of the organization's work with quality improvements and internationalization in the long term since it is contributing to the employees development of competence, provides tools and gives inspiration regarding our future work with these questions.
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