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Sports is a Way of Life
Start date: May 1, 2012,

Sports a Way of Life, brought together round 40 young people from 4 EU countries, Ireland, Finland, Italy and hosting country Malta. As the title suggest the project focused on leading a healthy lifestyle through sports. The project was held in Bormla and promoted healthy lifestyle, sports activities and voluntary work through sports. Over the 8 day programme the young people made new friendships, worked together to complete different tasks and cooperated with each other. On the first couple of days the young people got to know each other through different icebreakers, sports activities and games. The young people also got the opportunity to practice new sports called Tychoball, similar to handball but much faster. On the third day the young in four different subgroups prepared for the sports day with children and participated in a torball game with blind and visually impaired people. On the 4th day, the group held 4 sports days in different summer schools for children. To raise awareness about the project, it was decided to hold a flashmob. The young people chose 3 slogans out of six that they has suggested prior to the exchange. While the majority of the group was practicing the dance flash mob, a small group planned and designed 3 key chains that were distributed following the flashmob. The flash mob was performed on the 5th day and following the dance, the young people expressed the will to hold the flashmob again. On the 6th day, the young people participated in 2 different water sports and in the afternoon; we held the mini Olympic games, with the participants practicing in 6 different athletic events. On the same evening the young people shared their culture through traditional dance. On the 7th day the group had a treasure hunt from Birgu to Valletta. In Valletta, the flashmob was held once more. In the evening, the young people participated in an evaluation session. On the last day, the young people got to know who their secret friend was. All these activities helped create an atmosphere where the young people could experience how they can lead a healthy life style in a fun and safe environment. ***Please, indicate and explain the reasons for eventual changes between your initial application and the activities finally implemented, e.g. composition of partner promoters and/or participants, duration of the Activitiy, Activity programme.There were minor changes: - - Dates – The exchange started on the 7th instead of the 6th August and finished on the 14th August instead of the 13th August. The main reason was that one of the groups could not make it on the 6th due to the fact that flights were not aviablable. - We had more participants involved from Italy, Ireland and Malta. The flights for the two extra Italians and Irish were covered by the respective organisartions. - Instead of the freeze flash mob it was decided to hold a dance flashmob. The Maltese young people through Facebook, asked the foreign participants what they prefered and it was decided to hold a dance flashmob.- Instead of handing out postcards after the flashmob keychains were handout. The reason was related to the fact that the local council had asked not to litter the place following the flashmob. Hence it was decided to give a keychain.
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