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Sports Co-ordinator – Vocational Training for Sports Centres Employees

Sports Co-ordinator or ”Vocational Training for Sports Centres Employees” has the personnel of Sport Centres in the European Union as target group. Up to 300000 employees with little or no VET, acting as low skilled workers, are doing their daily job in Europe’s sport centres The projects aim is to create an education and training programme for this target group to give it a strong professional profile. Doing this one must overcome the lack of learning skills by offering activating learning methods offering learning possibilities while staying at work( as fe. E-learning). A standard certification for sports co-ordinators should also be developed which can also increase the mobility chances of the target group. Within the project there will be developed a teacher guide and a test VET programme and also a standard certificate for sport co-ordinators within he EU in EN, SE, FI and GR (the guide also in Italian). For Valorisation/Dissemination the European Associations, which are participating, will play a crucial role using existing networks, but also web sites, seminars etc. Commercial distribution, collecting of fees has been envisaged, so to finance the project also after EU funding.

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