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Sport and Theater - Civic Youth - Future of Europe
Start date: Aug 1, 2013,

EFM will be the host organization during the "Sport and Theater - Civic Youth the Future of Europe" Youth Exchange. In a certain place and time we will invite people from different cultures and backgrounds to work together at the YE which will take place in Długopole Dolne. We will invite 40 people from 8 countries - Poland, Georgia, Italy, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Romania and Greece. Each partner organization will send 5 people, 4 participants and one leader of the group, host country will provide coordinator of the project. We will focus on non formal learning and we will implement wide range of learning methods from " do it yourself", audiovisual presentation, digital training to active debates, working with partner, find yourself in team and manual poster/costume building to self presentation. We will provide intercultural awareness especially building healthy habits, discover our European roots also find consciousness of our bodies and physical behavior which can help in future career building or during job interview. Themes of the workshop will be inspired by healthy life style and European folklore music and traditions. The mutual creation will give the sense of integrity, the sense that we all and each other of us is an important part of certain entirety and to discover and understand verbal and not verbal communication skills. Presenting the venues in the community centers of Bystrzyca Kłodzka and Kłodzko as well as on the city’s streets and squares we would like to speak with our voices - demonstrate our authentic positive attitudes. Goals of the YE is to motivate youngsters to take active roles and efficiently perform among their communities. The crucial goal is to prepare young person to work within the particular team, act efficiently within a group and develop leadership as well as manual skills which will help our participants to develop their future careers. EFM will coordinate the project from the official approval till the end of the actions planed.

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