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Sport and Health as INnovative INitiatives for the Growth of Mountains (SHINING Mountains)
Start date: Mar 31, 2006, End date: Mar 30, 2008 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Healthcare and wellness have recently become dynamic sectors of the tourism economy and are characterised by high expansion rates. Particularly mountain regions are well suited as potential destinations for healthcare and wellness tourism. The SHINING Mountains project involves partners from mountain regions located in Italy, Bulgaria, Hungary, Greece and Slovakia who want to extend or introduce healthcare and wellness services to their tourism economy. The aim of the project is to stimulate the indigenous potentials of mountain regions to strengthen the business environment and to promote a diversified development strategy. Starting from a theoretical approach and an EU benchmarking network, the project will introduce specific managerial tools for the strategic planning and management of healthcare and wellness in mountain regions. Afterwards, it will concentrate on operative tools which will enable concrete health and wellness activities in the project regions to be implemented. The tools are applied to pilot areas, which are former partners of a CADSES transnational circuit of "high quality wellness and health destinations". The application of this model to destinations in different mountain regions of the CADSES area will enable the model to be generalised as a reference experience for the whole of the EU. Expected Results: SHINING Mountains will define joint managerial and operative tools to help territories involved to reallocate and strengthen their economic activities and their current supply in healthcare and wellness. Much attention will be paid to the development of managerial competencies of public and private actors through a specific training programme, and to the enlargement of its range of action to the whole of the CADSES area. Training activities to strengthen the skills of public and private organisations will be arranged and strategic, managerial and operational tools will be developed and implemented in the pilot areas. The expected results and effects of SHINING Mountains are the following: - Strengthening and development of a healthcare and wellness sector in mountain regions to foster dynamic economic development and growth, - Promotion of new activities and services for visitors and inhabitants, - Setting up and promotion of a circuit of healthcare and wellness high-quality destinations, - EU integration and transfer of know-how regarding the issue of mountain economic development through the dissemination of a common managerial model, - Strengthening skills and competencies of local public and private actors.

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