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Społeczność mrzeżyńska częścią Europy
Start date: Jun 1, 2016, End date: May 31, 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project is called "The Mrzeżyno Commune of Europe." Within the confines of the project a series of actions will be executed, which are required to achieve the long-term goals of the school, including:- raising the level of education in the school;- raising methodology skills and making the curricula in the school more attractive, modern and adapted to the needs and abilities of the pupils, therefore widening the educational offer. One element will be the introduction of innovative teaching methods (eg. CLIL), the use the new tools in teaching and international cooperation (ie. ICT, online tools, etc.);- expanding the range of Spanish language;- encouraging students to continue education (formal and non-formal);- increasing sensitivity to social, linguistic and cultural diversity;- expanding the knowledge of the school through the implementation of international projects and relationships;- strengthening the prestige of the institution and its relations with surrounding institutions and the local government;- mobilizing the neighboring institutions and local government to undertake similar projects;- improving ways to manage the school.A number of actions will be taken to achieve the long-term goals of this project. Selected activities include: -participation of teachers in trainings abroad including continual usage after returning from the foreign courses which will increase the language skills, teaching skills, methodology skills, and cultural studies; -the implementation of such initiatives as increasing the number of hours of foreign language lessons; -commissioning integrated lessons of foreign languages; -the introduction of improvements made to the curricula including modern teaching methods in a classroom;-organizing numerous extracurricular activities such as Days of Languages, European Days, competitions, and thematic circles;-organizing dissemination activities;-establishing relationships with foreign schools;-the implementation of new projects and the continuation of existing international projects, etc.Five teachers were selected to participate in the foreign courses. Some of them have been assigned specific targets in the project. Three of those selected teach German, one teaches English and the fifth recently began learning Spanish. There are many benefits in having our teachers participate in these courses such as improvement in the level of teaching foreign languages. First of all, we desire that the German lessons – which are of highest priority because of local market conditions – be at an even higher level. The school also wants to participate in this project to expand the range of Spanish lessons, thus broadening our educational opportunities. Finally, we want to send an English teacher for training. With better teaching methods, the desire to learn English will increase making it possible to implement English language international projects. This will result in deepening and broadening international cooperation and dissemination of European attitudes and values among the whole school community - among students, staff and the partners with whom we cooperate.Particularly in a course offered in Malta, new and innovative ideas for conducting lessons and after curricula activities will be acquired. After this course, new methods of teaching will be implemented throughout the school. The idea of learning throughout life—promoting participate in projects such as Erasmus +, and developing skills to help strengthen future positions in the labor market (for example, through the use of tools such as European certificates)—will also result from participation in this course.Another important element of the project are the preparatory activities which the teachers will participate in before leaving for the course. These activities will not only prepare the participants, but will also ensure that maximum benefits are gained from this course. The activities will not only include linguistic preparation, methodical and cultural studies, and preparation of the development plan of an international institution, but will also focus on the efficiency and security of the teachers’ stay abroad.After the completion of this project, different activities such as open classes, European Days, etc., will be carried out to demonstrate the results of these courses to the whole school community and the external partners.There will be also control and evaluation activities to check the progress of the project, in order to achieve the best results in the future and make even better actions. For this purpose a plan of evaluation, including the correct tools, will be organized and carried out by an evaluation team.
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