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Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Brief description of the course of events that lead to this project: New compulsory school legislation - New direction, new goals. In may of 2011 the ministry of education in Iceland published new educational requirements for compulsory education. In continuation the school authorities in Kopavogur decided in cooperation with the information technology department of the municipality to form new directives for the utilization of information technology in the compulsory schools of Kopavogur. The following steps were taken as a result of this: 1. Introduction of the Odder methodology by visiting specialists. February 3d 2012 there was an introduction of the Odder model of utilizing light computers in education sponsored by Kopavogur. 2. Experimental project in Salaskóli (school). The results of an experimental project in using light computers were presented to the school superintendent and the director of the compulsory school division. The project was called "Developmental Project in Information Technology in Salaskoli 2012-2013". 3. Supporting committee established by school pricipals. During a meeting with Kopavogur´s school principals the compulsory school division director presented the work that had been done in forming goals and directives for the compulsory schools and requested that the principals named two of each school´s staff memebers to serve as members of a brainstorming session concerning forming directives for inclusion of information technology in the schools. 4. A visit to Norðlingaskóli (compulsory school) in march Employees of the school superintendent´s office visited Norðlingaskóli and received a presentation on how 15 year old students utilized computers for study. 5. A conference at the University of Reykjavik. A representative from the Kopavogur school system attended a conference on "information technology in education" along with 40 teachers. The conference was held in cooperation with 6. Brainstorming group. The brainstorming group met in april at the school division offices. The gropup discussed the following questions: - How do we see the future school in regards to the technology we already know? - How can the goals in the information technology for compulsory schools fulfill requirements of the educational agenda of the ministry of education concerning multi dimensional approaches to educational methods? - What are the resultin educational needs of teachers? 7. Conclusions from item 6 were gathered and used as a foundation for the Action Plan 2014-2015. The following goals are still not fulfilled and steps will be taken to set goals and the roles of different parties in fulfilling them. Such as the goals to: - Imrove teching methods and learning. - To increase the knowledge and utilization of information technology in the compulsory schools in the municipality. - To increase knowledge and abilities of educators in utilization of information technology and form new methods. - To support the cooperation between schools and encourage sharing information so that aquired knowledge and experince is utilized to the fullest potential. In order to accomplish that we follow this plan: - During the next two years pupils 10 - 15 years old will receive light computers for their use. The aim is to improve learning and instruction, increase individual centered education and increase variety in teaching methods. - A project leader will be hired for the next two years. He works with the education division and the information technology department at preparing and leading the technical and educational aspects of the introduction to using light computers in the education of children. - Three educational counselors in information technology will be hired full time. They will be located at the schools. They will work as a team but still be responsible for three schools each. - School principals will receive sufficient training to lead and supposrt the project each in his own school. - In the spring of 2015 each school is supposed to present an educational plan for the inclusion of light computers into the curriculum. The computer distribution in each school is conditioned on the presentation of such plan. The technical education counselors will assist the schools in forming such a plan and will guide them in carrying it out. - The role of the existing computer assistants in the schools will be further defined. - The technical service provided by the information technology department will be further defined. As support to accomplish the above we hope to be able to visit the Odder municipality in Denmark along with two other municipalities, one in England and one in Finland. Technical equipment. - The purpose is to introduce technical equipment in the compulsory schools to serve the upcoming educational needs of pupils. - The next step in our plan is to collect information from those neighboring countries that are at the forefront of this development.

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