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Spin Torque Oscillators for Wireless and Radar Applications (SPINAPPS)
Start date: Mar 1, 2008, End date: Feb 29, 2012 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Nanoelectronics will pave the way for industrial innovation in Europe in the next decade, and novel nanoelectronics areas such as spintronics offers solutions to many current problems by means of smaller, lighter, faster and better performing materials, components and systems. Applied spintronics is expected to make some essential contributions to solving increasingly acute problems of miniaturization in the wireless marketplace. It promises to deliver wireless devices that combine all common radio standards while keep power consumption to a minimum. It makes possible life-saving vehicle radar systems at a fraction of the prize of today’s systems. A huge positive impact on the safety and security of the European citizen is expected. The core technology of our SpinApps proposal is the Spin Torque Oscillator (STO). By utilizing a novel technology similar to that used in the recently introduced magnetoresistive read access memory (MRAM), a sub-micron radio frequency oscillator can be realized, with a wide operating frequency range and without any of the limitations of the classical oscillator circuit. This IAPP project bring together highly driven Euroepan researchers and engineers from Sweden's largest technological university and a laureated French start-up company. This unique combination offers the possibility to bridge the gap between laboratory demonstrations and commercial applications. It connects two different regions, two different sectors and promotes knowledge transfer across both borders. The SpinApps IAPP is the kind of project that Europe needs to stay competitive through constant innovation. Where large companies often cannot introduce the necessary disruptive technologies, SMEs and start-up companies must collaborate with universities to fill in in their place.

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